"Almost Famous" Amos Fannon

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"Almost Famous" Amos Fannon

"He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God" - Aeschylus



Name: Amos Jonathan Fannon
Aliases: The Fannon Fool
Rank: Athro
Deed Name: "Almost Famous"
Age: 57
Current Location: San Antonio, Texas
Sept: Sept of the Rising Moon
Pack and Position: Pack of Remembrance


Homid Form: Amos’ clothing often reminds you of the famed cowboys of the Old West in the days where cattle roamed the plains with their stalwart guardians. He wears a cowboy hat, duster, jeans, and cowboy boots. His trusty pistols are always found in his hip holsters, and his rifle is always strapped to his back in a carrier when he isn’t in town. Most defining is the eyepatch over his right eye and his white, scruffy beard that looks unkempt. His face is weathered from years of alcohol abuse and hard living in the ranch houses on the family farm.

Crinos Form: Amos almost never is seen in his full Crinos form. During his fight with Douglas Fannon, Amos' Crinos form exhibited the reddish fur associated with those of the Fianna tribe, but his bright blue eyes pierce through the beast's facade.

Lupus Form: On the rare occasion that Amos feels in the need for a midnight romp through the forests surrounding the Fannon Farm, his lupus form is that of a wolf with reddish graying hair. His fur is often scruffy and unkempt, much like his natural homid form.




Apoc PC

Player: Caleb Bonecutter
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Fianna
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Domain: San Antonio, TX
VST: Phill Cava-Peltan

IC Email: Amos Fannon

Character Information


“Almost Famous” Amos Fannon is a cynical, boisterous Fianna with a nearly debilitating addiction to alcohol. Amos uses his cynicism as a positive force to point out the truth in all things as well as keep other werewolves and changing breeds honest with themselves and others. While his stinging criticism is focused on having the Garou of San Antonio reflect on their actions, Amos is ultimately a hypocrite that is totally incapable of self-reflection upon his own actions and decisions. Amos was born into the influential Fannon family in South Texas, where he was the eldest male of three children. Unfortunately, the untimely loss of Amos’ eye and marriage of his sister Josephine to his childhood friend Douglas O’Connell has resulted in a dark spiral into alcohol addiction and cynicism in the traditional values of the Fannon family. At 57 years old, Amos has a checkered past that includes marital infidelity, accusations of murder, and problems with alcohol addiction and depression. Amos’ clothing often reminds you of the classic cowboys of the fabled West in the days where cattle roamed the plains with their stalwart guardians. He wears a cowboy hat, duster, jeans, and cowboy boots. His trusty pistols are always found in his hip holsters, and his rifle is always strapped to his back in a carrier when he isn’t in town. Most defining is the eyepatch over his right eye and his white, scruffy beard that looks unkempt. His face is weathered from years of alcohol abuse and hard living in the ranch houses on the family farm. Amos appreciates anyone aside from Josephine not intruding on his life and privacy, so he maintains that as long as others don’t have business with him, he has no business poking around in other people’s lives. For Amos, your worth is not measured by how strong you are or how loud you are, but your use of cunning and the weight of your words. In Amos’ mind, a well placed insult or moment of praise can affect change in a person sometimes more profoundly than any well placed hand could.


  • June 25th, 1960 – Amos Jonathan Fannon is born to Walter and Edythe Fannon on the Fannon Family farm just outside of New Braunfels, TX.
  • 1975 – Amos Fannon experiences his first change. At the time, Amos was already a renowned sport shooter in South Texas, and many considered him capable of competing for national championships for decades. Amos Fannon then, per family tradition, joined the Sept located in San Antonio. Amos’ father, Walter Fannon, was a relationship filled with expectation and strain. Amos made every effort to live up to his father’s expectations, but his shortcomings often resulted in his excessive drinking. At first, it was subtle during the holidays when the whole family was around. As years wore on, Amos took to spending time in one of the ranch houses on the farm, experimenting with moonshine and often used as a guinea pig for his brother Cedrick’s distilling experiments.
  • 1978 – Amos’ sister, Josephine Fannon informs him that she is pregnant with his high school friend’s child, Douglas O’Connell. This prompts Amos to go on his very first drinking binge. After drinking for three days straight and stewing over the perceived insult towards his family’s honor, Amos confronts Douglas at a Fannon family dinner. An argument breaks out between the two as Amos remains unmoved by Douglas’ overtures of love towards Josephine and the unborn child. Amos’ stinging criticism causes Douglas to invoke the suggestion that Amos would never live up to Walter’s expectations of him if he continued on as a ritualistic drunkard, and Amos’ temper flares as he shifts into Crinos and rakes his claws across Douglas’ face. Douglas shifts into Crinos to defend himself. The fight only lasted long enough for Edythe “Mama” Fannon to fetch her silver rolling pin, but it was long enough for Douglas to land a heavy blow to Amos’ face, shredding his right eye and rending it in a bloody mess. The fight leaves the both horribly scarred, but Amos’ injury will encourage his steep decline into alcoholism and depression.
  • 1979 – Amos begins to apprentice in gunsmithing in hopes that this may return his life to some state of normalcy following the family upheaval of Josephine and Douglas’ marriage.
  • 1979 – Amos marries his high school sweetheart, Sarah Bolger. Sarah had been extremely supportive of Amos after his injury, even encouraging him to pursue his apprenticeship in gunsmithing. Sarah was a Get of Fenris kinfolk from New Braunfels.
  • 1981 – Amos begins a scandalous affair with Delilah Finnegan, a Fianna kinfolk. Amos often claims the affair was a one night stand during a drunken stupor, but Delilah claimed that Amos was always sober when he visited her in San Antonio. Amos continues to try and conceal his affair from his wife Sarah, as she is also expecting Amos’ child.
  • October 15th, 1981 – Amos and Sarah’s son, Nathaniel Fannon is born on the Fannon family farm.
  • February 13th, 1982 – Amos and Delilah’s illegitimate son, Matthew Fannon, is born in San Antonio.
  • October, 1982 – Sarah discovers Amos’ infidelity and the existence of his son Matthew during Nathaniel’s first birthday dinner at the Family Farm. The argument was very public as Amos pleads with Sarah to forgive him for his mistake. Amos’ pleas fall on deaf ears, and Sarah leaves the farm within the week with Nathaniel.
  • January, 1983 – Delilah and Matthew arrive on the Fannon farm after a swift marriage. The marriage, despite the illegitimacy of Matthew’s birth, is considered a last chance for Amos to do right by his new wife, son, and the Fannon family. Amos’ drinking worsens and begins experimenting with moonshining in the ranch house.
  • May 1983 – Delilah can no longer take the strict expectations of Edythe Fannon in addition to Amos’ indifference and alcohol abuse. While never physically or emotionally abusive, Amos’ indifference leads Delilah to leave the family farm. When she tries to take Matthew with her, Josephine refuses to let her leave with him, with signs that he is already destined to change.
  • 1984-1994 – Amos continues to flounder and spiral in a toxic environment fueled by alcohol addiction and increasing cynicism. Members of the Sept assume that he is under the effect of Harano despite brief periods of sobriety. During this period, Amos’ residence in the Fannon farmhouse is often intermittent until he is finally asked to live in the ranch house permanently by Edythe Fannon. Amos makes a final attempt to sober himself before residing himself to life at the ranch house.
  • 1995 – Amos meets “Forked Tongue”, the Eldest Ragabash and former Fool of the Sept and is brought under his tutelage. “Forked Tongue” was a Get of Fenris who had a reputation for alternating between glowing praise and stinging criticism within the same sentence. Amos learns to focus his sharp wit and obnoxious behavior for the betterment of the Sept. Current Fool “Talks Two-Ways” begins to see Amos as a rival and opponent to his influence.
  • 1999 – “Forked Tongue” passes, leaving “Almost Famous” Amos Fannon as his heir apparent to become the next Fool. “Talks Two-Ways” begins a secretive smear campaign to influence the Sept to keep Amos from obtaining the rank of Adren. Many other Ragabash deny Amos the opportunity to challenge for rank.
  • 2003 – After waiting four long years, Amos Fannon is finally granted the right to challenge for the rank of Adren after appealing to the Council of Elders. Many see this as a judgement of leniency on the part of the Council, forgiving Amos the transgressions of his youth because of his connections to the Fannon family.
  • 2007 – “Talks Two-Ways” passes in a brief skirmish against forces of the Wyrm. Amos was part of a routine patrol that was sent out to evaluate the progress of the Wyrm forces. Typically, Amos was imbibing heavily before he left and continued to do so while on patrol. Upon being ambushed, Amos fired wildly into the fray. Upon seeing “Talks Two-Ways” fall to the ground, Amos believed that his own bullet had taken the life of his adversary. Other Ragabash present begin to whisper rumors that Amos shot “Talks Two-Ways” while he was amongst the fray, but the body was never recovered to confirm their accusations.
  • 2008 – Amos Fannon is among a select few who feel that the Caern should be relocated if possible, and that Wyrm forces will soon overwhelm the Sept and the Bawn. Amos Fannon tells the Council of Elders that they are foolish to make a final stand against the overwhelming Wyrm forces.
  • 2008 – Amos Fannon makes a final stand with many of his Fianna relatives. While Douglas and Cedric stave off the main forces, Amos picks off others while he and “Persona Non-Grata", a Nuwisha familiar with the Fannons, attempt to extract the injured changing breeds and Garou that make up the forces of Sept defense. During the retreat, Amos kills a tainted Bastet after it had attack a young Bastet girl. Amos picks up the unconscious fera and throws her into the back of Persona Non Grata’s pick up as they speed off towards the Fannon family farm, the rallying point of the Garou nation in San Antonio.
  • 2010 – While the Sept remains in turmoil following the fall of the Caern, Amos makes a bid to become the Fool, although a Sept Alpha cannot be decided on. At the time, Amos is the eldest Ragabash after the Garou forces of San Antonio were destroyed in the [Final Battle of San Antonio]. To this day, Amos refers to himself at the “Fannon Fool” and still contends that his rightful place is as the Sept’s Ragabash Auspice leader.
  • 2014 – Amos learns of the death of his favorite aunt, Amelia “Storm Weaver” Fannon, who was on a quest to reclaim Howler’s Demise, the family klaive. Amos burns all his alcohol in remembrance of Amelia, whose patience and firm hand provided him an opportunity to prove himself to the Sept.
  • 2016 – Amos is back to his old tricks. He has refined his shooting now to where he is nearly at the same level before his confrontation with Douglas Fannon. “Persona Non-Grata” has even bejeweled a pair of Amos’ guns to which he affectionately refers to as “Sarah” and “Delilah”. Additionally, Amos has a renewed interest in his two old artisan occupations, gunsmithing and moonshining. While not in a perpetually inebriated state, Amos often spends his evenings sampling moonshine, local whiskeys, and bourbon with two familiar drinking buddies, “Persona Non-Grata” and “Judges Tacos”. Their presence at the ranch house goes unnoticed by the rest of the Fannons, mostly because nobody dares go out and see Amos themselves unless there is pressing business that requires his immediate attention. Fortunately, that is never the case, allowing Amos a great deal of freedom to come and go as he pleases. Amos’ tongue is quick to criticize any Garou or Kinfolk that needs getting knocked down a few pegs, but when confronted with his own shortcomings by his family members, Amos can often become violent and finds comfort in going on regular drinking binges.
  • April 2017 - Amos takes in Sylvi Anker, a Get of Fenris kinfolk who is looking for protection in San Antonio. Amos makes a deal with her mate, Kalsen, so that she can remain on the Fannon Farm.
  • July 2017 - Amos returns with Sylvi from the Conclave in Austin, TX after tense negotiations with Kalsen result in Sylvi's freedom from Kalsen's claim as her mate.

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  • "It makes no difference to me two homos want to get married. As long as they leave theirs to themselves, I don't much mind what they choose to do."
  • "How do I know that our world is getting warmer? My morning stink has gotten a bit more ripe in the last decade. Even Josephine won't wake me unless there's trouble about."
  • "I don't like bullies. Bein' hard on someone because you're teachin' 'em a lesson is one thing. Bullyin' ain't got no purpose other than helpin' the strong feel better about themselves. I teach the bullies."


  • On accepting Fera into the Garou nation - "While you busybodies are blowing all your hard earned hot air about whether these folk should be protected by the Nation for their help against that blasted Wyrm, I seen too many of their kind fall in battle just like our Garou. Once ya'll sort this out, there will still be stories sung and bodies to be buried. Don't much matter what form the deed comes from if the deed was in fact done."
  • On Fannon traditions - "The only two traditions we Fannons have ever sought reason to ascribe were familial dysfunction and the constant state of inebriation. Make your peace with that, belly up to the table, and you might call yourself our kin."
  • On being the Sept Fool - "A Fool's job isn't an easy one. They can be reviled or revered all in the span of minutes. However, their lessons have to be taught even when they know the Sept won't want to hear them, from the smallest cub all the way to the Alpha themselves."
  • On a Ragabash's role - "Ragabash need to understand their place in the Sept. They are the silent watchers and the teachers of lessons needin' to be learned. The beauty of lessons is they can be stopped whenever the teacher feels the lesson's been learned. Ragabash ain't got no need to make challenges for folks. Challenges have to be overcome and don't stop until they're confronted. That ain't the way of the Ragabash. We deal in secrets, mischief, and humility."


  • Amos shoots remarkably well in spite of the fact that he has only one eye. Nobody quite understands how Amos has managed this feat. There are many different theories circulating, including unsavory deals with spirits, fetish weapons, even that he never lost his eye at all, and the patch is just a facade.
  • Amos has a penchant for Get of Fenris kinfolk. His first wife was a kinfolk of the Fenrir, and his ward is of the Fenrir too. Does Amos just steal Fenrir kinfolk, or is it just happenstance?
  • Amos has plans for the kinfolk in the Garou Nation. Amos thinks it will help shift the battle against the Wyrm, if the leaders of the Nation will hear him out.
  • Despite years of abuse and imbibement of whiskey , somehow Amos keeps having kids show up. How many kids does this guy have ?
  • Amos and Carlos have a bet involving pranks and lessons to keep from getting too bored.
  • Be careful when asking the Fool for anything; there's always a cost


  • "He'll be the first to tell you: He's a drunk, alcoholics go to meetings." - Gordon Fannon
  • "He may be a drunk, but when it matters he totes gets the medal for poppin a cap in a bastards dome." - Jo Trevino
  • "Amos has hit rock bottom and is unable or unwilling to claw his way out of it. Through the years this quality has made me resent him and pity him in turn. Now I wonder if it's all just the best part of a facade, Harano can't take hold when most of your day is spent unable to focus on anything more complex than your whiskey bottle." - Maeve Fannon
  • "He defeated alcoholism AND depression at the same time!" - Persona Non Grata
  • "There are few I'd rather have at my back in a fight." - Douglas Fannon
  • "Whether he's in front of you or behind you, it's almost impossible to get that mouth of his to stop flappin'" - Mama Fannon
  • "He gave me my deed name ... yeah , I don't think even he knew the hell I would get for it." - Artemis Lassiker
  • "We drink silence and swallow secrets. Don't think yer gonna wrest some kinda understanding a' his pain from behind my teeth." - Judge Taco
  • "Now I taught him a lot about shooting, but not everything. You have to have patience and drive, that's not always teachable. Sometimes I have to talk some serious sense into him, sometimes it's a slap. But it's never been out of anger, only out of a desire for him to succeed." - Samuel 'Old Ironsides' Johnson
  • "When I was young Amos took care of me; now it is my turn to take care of my brother." - Cedrick Fannon
  • I met the Patched Eye Man, after I gave chiminage to Raccoon. He was stern, and intimidating. But during my time in San Antonio I came to appreciate his commentary on certain subjects." - "Soothes_The_Heart"
  • "Given what he has to work with for the past decade, I am not entirely surprised he prefers a whiskey or thirty. In spite of this he is an adequate Fool." - Salvador Julio de la Guerra
  • "For a ragabash, he has a surprising sense of finality. I suspect the lessons he teaches are not ones easily or rapidly forgotten." - Justice in the Shadows
  • "Everything in my learnings taught me I shouldn't trust him at all, nope, not as far as I can throw him. And yet...He gave me my dignity back at a time I was struggling. I can't help but like the bastard." - Artemis
  • "He already knows my name, after meeting him one time. I am not foolish to know a single kinfolk makes that sort of impression, no matter what she says or does. Others called me the kinfolk with the vision, but he called me by my name. He is paying attention to everything. His insight and his passion are two things I can appreciate and drives him and others forward. I just need to make sure I am not in his way when he is angry." - Sylvi Anker
  • "Amos is still a wreck, but...sometimes you forget what it's like to have someone more experienced than you stand beside you in a fight. I'm not exaggerating when I say he has saved my life more than once. Remember that before you write him off entirely." - Maeve Fannon
  • "He stood his ground, did his duty, and stood firm in his beliefs. He may be wallowing in his past and drinking his misery into oblivion, but I'm starting to wonder if he doesn't actually have a better head on his shoulders..." - Fiera de la Camada
  • "I swear by my fat ass he speaks like that against my husband one more time he won't have the chance to talk it out. That being said, he got all mine home in as close to one piece as possible." - Josie
  • "Whatever you say about the man, if he hadn't left the safety of the wall Matt would be dead. I owe him for that." -Gordon Fannon
  • "Fenris tests. Gaia provides." - Sylvi Anker
  • "If it comes to a fight he's a good one to have by your side, drunk or sober......." - Jo Trevino
  • "He's quite polite and apparently does a very good job at being Fool, I was told. After being explained why a Fool is called 'Fool' it made more sense after watching him. Either way, he was very pleaseant to talk to. I heard he was the bother-in-law of the Sept leader there, they are quite a stark contrast to one another." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "He cannot separate his responsibilities as Sept Fool and the father of an inadequate Wyrmfoe. To have him use his position to punish someone for calling out such shortcomings is petty and dishonorable." - Salvador Julio de la Guerra
  • "Of course I care about him. He needs me, and I need to be needed. And, he makes me happy. Is that not worth fighting for? Without anything else, isn't that enough?" - Sylvi Anker
  • "He keeps a watchful eye on his Sept, as is his duty as Fool. The question is, who knows what his other eye is watching?" - Loki Laufeyson
  • "You surprise us all, bring them in for trail and then Defended them, only my brother," - Cedrick Fannon
  • "Sorry I made you work at the moot." - Gordon Fannon
  • "Though we may make mistakes in our lives, those mistakes often lead to lessons and revelations. I believe I bore witness to both in my first meeting of Amos and some of his family." - Madison Walsh
  • "Your deed name should be 'Karma'." - Sylvi Anker
  • "If he wants to pickle his liver, it is no concern of mine. He is good to Sylvi, and for that he has my appreciation." - Thyra Laskaris
  • "Such a grim countenance for someone with such a vivacious, lovely mate." - Rose Marie Davis
  • "I have worked with Almost-Famous for a while now. He is dedication and accepts no foolishness in his duties, and takes his Teachings seriously. For the sake of this Sept, I pray to Gaia and Ra daily that he figures out how to teach wisdom to Defends-The-Homestead soon." - Ghost in the Woods
  • " @-@ !" - Jo "Thundercat' Trevino
  • "I knew what I was getting into when I met him. I forgave him. But it was all in vain. All the sacrifices were for nothing, and empty as the vows and oaths that he made. How are we supposed to come back from this?" - Sylvi Mac Elrath
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