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'He who thinks great thoughts, often makes great errors'
--Martin Heidegger


((Looking for a tie for who first acknowledged Irwin's commitment))
By Smiling Jack
Member of the Winter Hill Watchers

Known Collaborators

Sire: Smiling Jack
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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. – George Orwell

Commonly Known Information
Name: Irwin Black
ideology: Iconoclast
Pseudonyms: Brick
Society: Anarch
Clan: Brujah

Public History

  • Pre-Embrace: (Information cobbled together from his many renditions of his embrace story)

Irwin came to the US with his mother in 1878, from Australia. Born in poverty and abandoned by his father, Irwin always fell in with the wrong crowd. In part to spite his vanished parent, and in part because of his size and willingness to get his hands dirty to make some scratch. Despite his hardheadedness and temper he did his best to care for and listen to his mother however, and was often considered polite by those who met him. When they arrived in New York the pair had nothing to their name and were living in the slums with many of the other immigrants. In an interesting turn of fate the hardship proved a good influence for Irwin; showing him that he could make an honest living, and he stayed away from the more criminal element in his new home for a time. However as the days passed and the more well to do of the city continued to look down their noses at him as he ran around doing whatever work he could find, his temper slowly built and seethed just beneath the surface. After a wealthy property owner attempted to have his way with Irwin's mother as recompense for missed rent, Irwin fell back into his old habits. He beat the man near to death before he moved his mother further outside of town. He began working as muscle for anyone who would hire him, sure it was the only way to survive in a clearly unforgiving town. He quickly rose to prominence with a few of the local criminal groupings but managed to stay neutral throughout his dealings with them, never fully joining any one group. As his skills improved and his reputation grew he found a niche market in mediation through violence. Despite the grim nature of the criminal element he was often able to talk his clients down to mere beatings and humiliation rather than outright murder and became almost famous for his restraint in that manner. Often times when rival gangs were coming to a head, Irwin could mediate, hosting back ally fist fights or small brawls in order to keep death and collateral to a minimum. During one such event a rough bearded man approached the group and asked what they were doing. When some of the fighters attempted to scare him off the bedraggled man beat them senseless in the blink of an eye. Angered by the intrusion and honestly frightened by the man, Irwin grabbed a nearby pipe and swung with everything he had at the man's head. The force, near enough to take a mortals head clean off barely phased the man, who smiled back at Irwin with a look that almost rang of being impressed. Irwin doesn't remember what happened after, but when he awoke he was in a dark basement that smelled of blood and smoke, still groggy he spotted his assailant and managed a hearty swing before nearly blacking out again. Jack laughed as he pushed Irwin upright and informed him of his new fate, how he had been 'Embraced' and began explaining what that would mean for him.

  • Embrace:

Personality traits

  • Often considered one of the more boisterous of Smiling Jack's Children
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  • Is rumored to have never lost a game of Los Angeles Roulette
  • Is to actually be on good terms with Smiling Jack
  • Is rumored to have once been bound to a member of the Sabbat in an attempt to break his will and convert him
  • Is rumored to be a member of the Free-State Militia and the Railroad
  • Is rumored to have once been an editor for the Free Press, but left due to ideological differences with other editors
  • Is rumored to be a Revolutionary or Scholar
  • Is rumored to be an elder in hiding
  • Is rumored to have fought shoulder to shoulder with The General in a secret conflict with the Sabbat

OOC Information
Player: Geoff Chastain
MES Number: US2016050149
VST: David Musgrove
Domain: Portland, OR

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