"Gentleman" Jack Savage

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"I'm half wild horse and half cock-eyed alligator and the rest o' me is crooked snags an' red-hot snappin' turtle'. I can out-run, out-jump, out-shout, out-brag, out-drink, an' out-fight, rough-an'-tumble, no holts barred, any man on both sides the river"

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Commonly Known Information

Name: "Gentleman" Jack Savage

Caitiff Symbol.png

Clan: Caitiff

Generation: Ancilla

Embraced: 1807

Apparent Age: Mid-to-Late 40s

Notable Traits: Eerie Presence (Blood oozes from Jack's right eye); Wild One

Sect: Anarch Movement

Factions: Anarch Free-State Militia; The Anarch Railroad



Anarch.png Committed to the Anarch Movement
Anarch.png Favored by Smiling Jack
Anarch.png Hardcore member of the Anarch Movement according to Smiling Jack
Anarch.png Loyal
Anarch.png Courageous


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Standing a little under six feet tall, Jack has a husky, but muscular build. He is bald, bearded and has bright blue, lively eyes. He likes to wear red dress shirts, black vests and black pants and usually a stylish hat of some type, such as a derby or top hat.

The Story of "Gentleman" Jack Savage So Far

1762 - Born in rural Virginia


1775 - Jack's family migrated to Kentucky, living an isolated life within a small settlement that became the frequent target of attacks during the American Revolution by Native Americans


Early 1776 - Jack's parents were killed during an attack by Native Americans
1777 - Jack moved to Boonesborough, Kentucky for a period of time after his parent’s death. He resided there during the Siege of Boonesborough by the Shawnee, led by Chief Blackfish, in September 1778. He survived and stayed afterwards and trained to become a doctor

Defenders In Siege Of Boonesborough.jpg

1780 - Jack moved back into the interior of Kentucky along Tug Fork, a tributary of the Big Sandy River near the Kentucky-West Virginia border

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1796 - Jack was forcefully and unwillingly dragged into the local gouge fighting “culture”. One day, an angry patient refused to pay him for his services and forced Jack to take part in the barbaric fighting style of the day, one which had been banned in several states by then but remained popular in the less civilized areas of Virginia and Kentucky. Gouge fighting was basically anything goes and gouging out your opponent’s eye or eyes was a popular tactic. Gouge fighting brought out the aggressive, violent and angry side of Jack and he eventually reveled in it


1807 - Jack was Embraced after a particularly brutal gouge fight that he was losing at the time he blacked out. He awoke as a vampire but there was no sign of the individual who Embraced him
1810 - Jack joined the Anarch Movement
After 1810 - Jack insinuated himself into the traveling carnivals of the time, moving around the east coast and the Midwest, as a means of travel and cover. He would perform as a tent boxing challenger, taking on challenges at night. He continued to do this well into the 20th century, traveling around North America with the carnivals before their popularity started to wane.


He now spends his nights assisting the Anarch Movement as muscle wherever and whenever he is needed

Allies, Contacts, Friends and the Rest

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DoC.png Ruby Atomic - Met Jack at a travelling carnival in the Midwestern United States in 1894. They had a brief, torrid affair for a week before Ruby and her carnival disappeared seemingly forever until they reconnected in January 2018 during a Call to Arms in Louisiana.
LogoClanVentrue.png Jayden Rothchild- Met Jack in 2008 while chasing after Sabbat. They saved a life and killed together that night. Since then, they have become good friends and sometimes more on occasion.
LogoClanVentrue.png Charlotte
LogoClanTremere.png Levi Meier
LogoClanToreador.png Jentry Nix - Met Jack in New Orleans during Mardi Gras in 2015

Words of Wisdom

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A Word or Two about Gentleman Jack

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Music to Soothe the Savage Beast

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The music of Gentleman Jack

OOC Information

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Player: Mark Mielewczyk

C@M Number: CA200403015

Player Email: mark.mielewczyk@gmail.com

Storyteller: Bernard Dawson & Vance Brews

Storyteller Email: toronto.masquerade@gmail.com

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada