"Princess" Nephthys

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Information Known by Kindred Society


  • "Princess" Nephthys (Lust)

Notable Traits:

  • Bright Red Hair
  • 4'11"
  • Curvy
  • Latinx


  • Committed Member of the Anarch Movement
  • Moniker: Sanctuary
  • Wild One


  • Sanctuary Gang
  • Seven Deadly Sins Gang
  • The Liberty Guard
  • Sisterhood of Sehkhmet



  • Charles "Gr33d" Calhoun

AKA her "Daddy"


  • None


  • Lady Azeneth
  • Doctor Jango
  • Maurice Titlbaum
  • Lupe Fernandez Garcia De La Cruz
  • Barry Sanders
  • Safiyyah Hassan
  • Where is He? (Deceased)


  • She is really "into" Lasombra
  • She's half Colombian/half Irish
  • She dyes her hair
  • Shiny things distract her
  • Ghost really seem to like her
  • Her closest friend is a Camarilla Elder
  • She caters to all clientele mortal and not


  • "Best Anarch I've encountered. All the energy, not so easily given to violence." - Dante Niccolo Cesare Giovanni
  • "Kind, beautiful, intelligent, and misguided. I have confidence that she will be a grand force in a few centuries, should she resolve herself of the last one." - Aelfi Utgardson
  • "I friggin' adore her. That sweet girl is wasted on the Anarchs, though. Come on home, baby girl. We have the good shit." - Becky Fuchs
  • "Troublemaker. Playing for the wrong team." Paolo Giovanni
  • "Celui-ci est tout à fait divertissant. Elle pourrait dérober votre coeur si vous ne faites pas attention." - Ludovic Pétion
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OOC Information

Player: Jennifer Marin

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

VST: Cincinnati Anarch VST