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Commonly Known Information

Name: Z (no, really)

Notable Traits:

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Moros

Union: Conservator's Union



Space shef.png

Timeline and historical info will go here eventually. Stay tuned

Ship and Crew


Crew of the Goode Ship Sassyphus

Captain Spandex McQueen
Pilot WTF
Chef "Z"
Position Name
Position Name

Run the Dish (rumours)

  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.

YES, CHEF! (quotes from and about the character)

  • "How many times do I have to tell you, you cannot eat Vesperian Shellfish unless you want Vesperian mouth herpes? Put them back." Doctor Jaana Adair
  • "Ok, you're right, you cannot get mouth herpes from Vesperian Shellfish. It's plague. Do you want plague on the Sassyphuss? Do you? " Doctor Jaana Adair
  • "I'm not curing that." Doctor Jaana Adair
  • "To his credit, he at least asks me before he goes off and does something blindingly stupid, and he always comes back. Kinda like Vesperian plague." - Spandex McQueen
  • "Yes, we fight. No, it's none of your business what its' about. This is what family does. Do you want to get on his bad side? He'll give you Vesperian plague as a side dish." - Vida Dolce
  • "...why in the universe would I punch him for calling me a vac-head? ...you *do* know I'm a marine, right? He's navy. S'the natural order of things." - Vahi
  • "He has mastered his craft and I honor him for it. No, not just because he gave me food. ... But it was really, really, really good food." - Liro Ur-Rahat
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OOC Information

Player: David Barnhill
Player Email: curseeviloctopi@aim.com
Storyteller: Roo Wetzel
Storyteller Email: Myst.In.Space@gmail.com
Location: Domain of Myst, CA