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Subject Profile

Name: 'Spector, aka Redacted
Type: Former Nuwisha kinfolk, now Gukutsushi of the Kitsune
Rank: Cliath
Deed name: Steel Butterfly
Profession: Hustler, con-man, ne'er-do-well


Location: Sept of Storm's Shelter


OOC Contact: Tobias G.
Member Number: US2015100131
ST Contact: Dennis M.

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It's difficult to tell exactly what 'Spector looks like because he spends most of his time looking like everything else: university students, vagabonds, corporate sharks, yuppies, hippies, and professional football players, to name a few. Age, gender, build - none of it seems to pose a challenge to the localized man of mystery. Underneath the layers of wigs, makeup, and costuming, he may be a handsome man in his late 50s with greying hair and pearly teeth; but then again, he might not.

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  • Redacted: Born at home to a pair of Nuwisha under the name of Redacted. His name is immediately concealed under the pseudonym of Redacted.
  • 1965: Pulls off his first theft: a new set of shoes. Is promptly caught and forced to return them. Makes a great show of repenting. Doesn’t mean a word of it.
  • 1966-1979: Shuffled between various relatives and friends of the family after his parents return to the Umbra, most notably the Corbeanu Glass Walkers.
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  • 1980-1999: Forms a loose association with the Enumclaw Caern, appearing and disappearing at his leisure. Anti-Wyrm shenanigans ensue. Maintains his distance out of a dislike for the Garou.
  • 1999: His parents fail to return from the Umbra with the other Nuwisha. He is informed by Dawn “Journey’s End” Riversong that they died in a storm.
  • 1999-2006: Leaves Seattle to travel following the fall of the Enumclaw Caern. Spends time primarily with the Nuwisha, notably as an assistant to Journey’s End.
  • 2006: Returns to Seattle and drops straight into trouble spying on a pack of Gangrel. Loses part of his left thigh while fleeing.
  • 2006-2016: In and out of Seattle depending on how hot it’s gotten for him. Reconnects with Journey’s End and becomes a major organizer for the yearly Nuwisha festivals.
    • 2009-2010: Participates in the Rite of the Still Skies alongside Journey’s End.
    • 2012: Forms a longstanding alliance with a salmon spirit after winning a bet that he’d trick a Pentex shell company into cleaning up a migration site.
  • 2016: Reconnects with the kinfolk daughter of Taller Than Tales and hears about the new Caern.
  • 2017: Begins monitoring the Sept of the Reach. Decides after six months it might be worth joining.
  • 2018: Reconsiders the wisdom of his location. Spends some time traveling and organizing the downfall of Bhictoria MacDougal before settling in for an extended vacation at the Sept of Storm's Shelter.
  • 2019: Bitten by a Kitsune and becomes a Gukutsushi.
  • 2019: Takes part in Black Unicorn's Revenge

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  • Garou egos

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Records & Reviews


Internal Reviews

Personal recordings.

  • "Coyotes have never needed the Garou to give us names for what we do anyway. Luna hid her Auspices from us, making us the world's fools. You keep waiting for permission in your own life, you'll wait forever."
  • "You were born with the gift of words in your blood, to condemn injustice and seek a better world. So far I’ve seen you use those words primarily to excoriate the low who strike back against the high. Will you use them to call the high who murdered my loved ones in duels, hunts, and Bites to justice as well?"

External Reviews

Quotes from others.

  • "Spector is a mouthy twat. One day I'm going to have to jump in to keep an enraged garou from ripping off his jaw." - Sasha Marikova
  • "Spector is over the top, ridiculous, and outspoken. He might be Nuwisha Kin, but he says the things I often bite back, and oh how I love it." - Madison Walsh
  • "So far, so useful. Let's keep it like that." - Collyn Laskaris
  • "I generally dislike clever. Let me explain, clever people tend to be unnecessarily disruptive and argumentative because they define themselves not by the solutions they create but by the discordance they generate. They take pride in shaking up the status quo or upending what they see as non-effective methods but they rarely stick around to actually put shoulder to grindstone to build something to replace it. Clever people don't enjoy making things better... they tend to just enjoy being clever. I don't hate clever, but I do dislike it. How do I feel about Spector? Ah... no comment." - Oliver "Truth & Consequences" Bishop
  • "Frankly another piece of evidence that the anti-Fera bias Garou have is the real Wyrm taint." - Verity Apple Willow
  • "He's up in places getting shit done. Fucking listen to him!" - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "He has such audacity, he would have made a good Shadow Lord." - Martial Law
Art by Kya Harris
  • "'Spector? I probably wouldn't be nearly as well-adjusted as I am if it weren't for his keen senses, warm hospitality, and the fact that he never stops sticking his nose in everyone's business. I owe him a great deal, to the moon and back. Also, great spiritual quest partner." - Amber Lauren
  • "That man has the filthiest mind of any creature I have ever met! Which, surprisingly, makes for great company." - Thyra Laskaris
  • "Look Guys, This Guy is either a Nuwisha. Who is deceiving us all ......Or A Old Martial Arts Master Like Master Roishi from Dragon-Ball Z." - Stags-Fury
  • "A perfect gentleman. Stop laughing, it's true." - Cassidy Black
  • "'Spector is a master of disguise, and an actor without peer. I wonder if he has turned those talents to infiltration of our enemies." - Erecul Tophroi
  • "Not even sure who he is, let alone why he thinks I'm a fascist." - Glow Bug
  • "A deceiver, as his patron intended. I do not doubt his aims; he is as sincere in his love of Gaia as I am. It is everything else about him that I question. We disagree on much, but he is not without merit, or wisdom." - Duskcaller
    • A horrified, uncertain stare.
  • "Never has a man more completely broken my heart, but the experience was so incredibly eye-opening that I honestly wouldn't have it any other way." - Torchbearer
  • "A gentleman sure, I'll stand by that, but shit, he could sell ice to penguins." - Cassidy Black
  • "Being a Trickster is usually a young man's game because eventually you annoy the wrong Ice Giant and end up as paste on a wall. The fact that 'Spector has managed to not meet such a fate means he's very good at what he does. And I can't help but respect that a lot." - Inge Hansen
  • "For all his biting remarks, and his direct manner - In the end, I truly think 'Spector wants the best for everyone, and is willing to go to great lengths at great personal risk to see it done." - Madison Walsh
  • “It is easy to want to feel pity for someone on the outside until you realize that they are there on purpose and that they see the bigger game, better than you do. It’s a chosen life.” - Smooth Operator
  • "Professionals want to work with professionals. He's a professional. He knows who he is and what he's about. That's greater than gold in this day and age." - Spins Silver
  • "He surprised me. Not many do. I look forward to our next dance." - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "Spector is kind and absolutely hilarious! He and Amber are definetly related!" - Rumor "Burn Out" Hart
  • "While he talks a lot, there is sense in his words." - Fights the Current
  • "Spector-san is one of the best people I know. Not only is he awesome, but he gives the best cuddles." - Azumi Akahoshi
  • "Efficient and composed, work with him on a job anytime." AmeliaThunder
  • “I’m pretty sure I still haven’t actually met the real him but he seems like a true bro.” Milo Eriksson

Absolutely True Stories

  • Beat the Wyrm at a poker game
  • Took out five BSDs with nothing but a turkey sandwich and a pair of toenail clippers
  • Was conceived when his mother mated with a moonbeam
  • Owns 51% of the Seattle Seahawks football team
  • Is the secret identity of no fewer than three movie stars
  • Talked a vampire into going vegetarian
  • Invented surfing
  • Invented the high-five
  • Invented the acronym 'bae'
    • Used it first with Grandfather Thunder
  • Gave a thunder wyrm a high colonic with nitro and dynamite
  • Single-handedly saved a Great Caern
  • Brought many out of Harano with a wink
  • Once disarmed a dirty nuke with a broken spork
  • Invented the mojito
  • Threw a better rager than Alpha Sigma Sigma once
  • Doesn't travel the Umbra, it travels through him
  • Is secretly a dragon whisperer
  • Met Luna
    • During an Umbral storm...
      • On a dare...
        • While wearing bunny slippers...
          • And mooned her
    • Luna disappeared in August because they were out on a second date
      • Helios got jealous and hid in his room bingeing Netflix
  • Cooked an eight minute egg in six minutes
  • Had a son with a Black Fury
    • That's why they keep their males now
  • Twitter was invented by a Glass Walker friend observing how fast the Corax spread his jokes
  • Got the Wyld to play with glow sticks once
  • Snuck his way into a Ratkin nest and got out clean while wearing bells on his feet
  • Beat a Rokea in a swimming contest
  • Stole the pants right off a vampire
  • Invented 'The Song That Never Ends'
  • Learned a special Gift from Salmon that tells him when your birthday is
  • Everybody's uncle
    • Even yours
      • Especially yours
  • May earn the right to ride on a Rokea
    • Maybe
  • If you speak 'Spector's name three times in a dark room, he will appear and give you a unicycle
    • I heard he appears and has an air horn to honk at you and disappear again
      • Sometimes he doesn't appear at all, but three days later you receive an envelope filled with glitter at your door
        • I thought that was a bag of candy dicks so you can actually "eat a dick"
  • Wrote an improved version of Wagner's Ring Cycle
  • Secretly Amber Lauren's real dad
    • Also her sister
      • And uncle
  • Restricts his Conjure Tulpa Object use to boxes of popcorn and bronze truck nuts
  • Adopted by a powerful butterfly Incarna named Rosemary
  • Earned the nickname "Calls Out the Storm" after surviving a Grandfather Thunder zap
  • Member of the infamous #KinfolkMafia
  • 'Spector is ACTUALLY a Gangrel who turns into a fox, sent by the Black Hand to infiltrate Garou society
    • Rumor has it he's actually Spectre under deep cover
  • The old Woody Allen movie, Zelig, is actually based on 'Spector's life.
  • His tears cure cancer, too bad he just never cries.
  • He wears cologne that smells of Elderberries. Anyone who makes a Monty Python based insult mysteriously disappears in 7 to 10 days. It is probably unrelated.
  • Add your own!

Stories Even Truer Than The Absolutely True Stories

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Potential Uses (OOC)


'Spector by Jen Brazas.png


Family: The Wondersmith and His Sons

The tragic flaw of charming men
Is exactly as it seems
Too much grease
Can break down a machine

Cousins: Rabbit's Song

Coyote my friend, together we'll spin
Many a tale at night,
And show man by our naughtiness
What really should be right.

'Spector: I Came Around

A smoke was lying on his lips
And in his hand a rusty flask
Even in death he'd forced a smile
I oughta give him his dues for going out like that

Storytelling: July, July!

And I say your uncle was a crooked French Canadian
And he was gut-shot runnin' gin
And how his guts were all suspended in his fingers
And how he held 'em
How he held 'em, held 'em in