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Commonly Known Information

Name: Unsure...They have been known as Leni, Victor, Lester, Manny, Sasha, Trudy, Tybalt, Corwin, Hector, Inigo Montaya, and Keyser Söze

Notable Traits: Mysterious, smart mouthed, quick witted, and independent

Society: Unaligned

Clan: Ravnos?


They showed up in Baton Rouge, LA. He performed a 'show' at Tiger stadium complete with a wizard battle and dementors. This is when he first had contact with vampiric society since their 'awakening' in 1999. They have been providing services in Baton Rouge to ensure continued survival and has thought to travel and see the world.


  • Is a mage in disguise.
  • Believes they is a dark wizard subsisting off of blood to power his magic...kind of like voldemort
  • Has a themed bed and breakfast that is completely fashioned like the Burrow, complete with red headed actors to complete the 'not' Harry Potter B&B with Quidditch match except it is more like Lacrosse than quidditch
  • Was left for dead during the week of nightmares with no memory flayed and hunters coming in the door (that actually saved him from a clanmate who was playing with their food)
  • Plays a very dangerous game.
  • Has no clue what he is doing aside from living in the moment.
  • Has learned to create a reality that he slips into from time to time then comes back to play with others.

OOC Information

Player: Justin Merrell

Player Email: brfaest@gmail.com

Storyteller: Sam Berthelot

Storyteller Email: vst.masquerade.batonrouge@gmail.com

Location: Baton Rouge, LA