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Name: Æthered Flametouched
Known Aliases: The Fireborn, Alfread


  • Acknowledged in the City of Santo Domingo, DR as a Member of the Camarilla.
  • Confirmed, as a Elder of the Camarilla.
  • Established, as a Elder of the Camarilla.
  • Privileged, as a Elder of the Camarilla.


  • Ennoia
    • Vola the Red
      • Wulfgar the Reaved

Æthereds weathered face and hands tell of a man who spent a life outdoors. His medium length hair and well-kept beard are a dirty brown and thick. Normally he is dresses in an attire of a time long past, a long robe of greens and browns, being a signature item. When traveling long distances to change it for a black duster and matching hat. He claims his choice of shirts is traditional, but those who care about such matters think he may just be stubborn. A source of questions for many is that he does not display any visible animalistic traits that would be expected for a member of his clan, and he also doesn't cast any reflection on a mirror.

Æthereds jokes that he is nothing more than a tired old monk; who has walked the earth for far too long. Which in does describe the jovial, humble creature. Though as many know behind this is a predator with a hungry mind, sharp teeth and a long memory.



  • As a mortal Æthered fought in the great British civil war called the ‘Anarchy’. As the war moved to a completion he ‘found god’ and joined a Priory. After a decade or so we was sent to lead a mission to bring the word of God to the Pagans.
  • It was shortly after this that he was embraced and spent the time in Scandinavia, what actually happened to him is unclear, he would appear at gatherings carrying messages from Greybeard fortelling of omens seen in the nights sky.
  • In the 12th century he became involved in the Omen wars, a mercenary, taking payment in rare books in the from both the Tremere and Tzimisce clans. Walking the path of Orion he was a dedicated hunter, and ruthless when perusing his quarry. And eventual was leading a small warband of unscrupulous seekers of fortune
  • As the Anarch Revolt grew out of the Omen wars, worked with many of the early Anarchs, But as the revolt grew and exploded over Europe something changed within him, leaving many of his old comrades behind he grew opposed to the sectarian politics, longing for a return to the ways of old eventually he retreats to the wilds of the Icey north.
  • Throughout the following century’s, he lived a nomadic life, rarely staying in one place for any time. Finding the growth of the camarilla and its preference for the humane path, distasteful. But he still traveled to its domains carrying omens and warnings from the elders of his line, and tutoring many in the lore and stories of old, like the Skalds of old.
  • By the 19th century he finally had joined the Camarilla, and soon found himself putting his talents to work as the Sheriff of the Islands of Malta. It was during this time he re-found his humanity, and became a respected member of the Tower.
  • It was during his time in Malta, that many started to refer to him as ‘The Ancilla’. More than one elder of the domain had known Æthered, when they were Neonates, and students of his from eras past.
  • As the tensions that led Second World War started to grow, Æthered received a number of visions that were interpreted by many as foretelling the Doom of Malta, So along with many others from the domain, he moved to the new world. From the 1930s he roamed the roads of the United States, returning to his nomadic life, acting as a courier between domains and a mentor to the newest generation.
  • The appearance of the Red Star marks his disappearance. Seen by few until the ends of the nights of turmoil.
  • In 2010 he is seen once again in the United states visiting domains, and appearing with words of wisdom, or warning of unforeseen peril, traveling south he finds a home in the warm domain of Santo Domingo, DR.
  • In the winter of 2018, as he has done for close to a millennia, he sends a message out from Greybeard Now the All-High calling kindred to gather for a Blót, following an omen of doom. This gathering is held at the vernal equinox, in the city of Austin, Texas. At the height of the celebration the All-high offers Æthered ‘The Ancilia’ to the flames of sacrifice in order to change the fates.
  • Shortly after ‘The Ancillas’ form is cast into the flame, Æthered Flametouched arises from it and is proclaimed an Elder of the Camarilla.



  • "Æthered the Ancilla has served as my right eye for nigh unto a thousand years. Greater again than the breadth of many of your lives,Without him, I would be blinded to so many goings-on of the world. I would be mute to express myself to those in power. I would be deaf to the council of others. Æthered has served me in the same manner that I served Odin, the All-High. Trusted disciple, I give Æthered the Ancilla to the flames of sacrifice, Æthered the Ancilla is dead! Given to the flames!"- Greybeard
  • "By the clarity of his own eye, and the gift given us by blóta, I see only one worthy to be called Æthered - only one worth to be called Elder!" - Greybeard
  • "We worked together very, very well in Malta. I worry about him so far south, though. Le pauvre, he will overheat! Still, he is an excellent addition to Santo Domingo, and he gives me many, many reasons to visit." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "Æthered is one of the most honorable kindred I've had the pleasure to work with." - Lucien Moreau
  • "A friend from long ago. It was good seeing you in Austin. I fondly remember our conversations in Malta many years ago." - Osvif Skorrisson
  • "Some of the more cynical Kindred among us contend that we are a static, irredeemable race by nature. Meanwhile, for every step Æthered has treden on this Earth, his soul has forged a league. In that journey, he has left the hearths most of us have cliven to far behind and then returned victorious from the darkness, not unlike Beowulf. But for me, Æthered is testament that perdition is not the only path God in Heaven has left for us upon this Earth." - Cyneward the Mercian
  • Aethered is a fine gentleman and effective at any task he sets his mind to. A wise and formidable opponent, Any who dare cross him should indeed fear. - Myrium_Oswald
  • "So the old gods walk among us still. I thought as much. It would seem then, that all the myths are true." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "This cabrón, he's the most I know to show me the Gangrel. Ay, tremendo paquete!" - Landa Salinas
  • "An old friend and trusted companion. Respect him and you'll get the same back." - Chimera
  • "If I didn't know better, I would have thought him one of my own clan. He also seems educated in things atypical of a Gangrel. I'm interested." - Noah Bauer
  • "Aethered is one of those rare individuals who I connected with immediately. It didn't matter what clan he was, I just knew I had to be involved in whatever he was doing. Luciana Santora DuVal
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  • Æthered, is not a Gangrel, but a descendant of a long lost clan.
  • Æthered, is covered in feathers under his baggy shirts
  • Æthered, Died in Austin on the fires of sacrifice, another kindred now stands in his place.
  • Æthered, has a tail
  • Æthered, was once a member of the Sabbat
  • Æthered traveled as much as he did because he was cursed by a Fae Lord to never keep the roots he put down. No one is sure if the curse has been lifted yet.
  • Æthered recently received a special package from a secret admirer!
  • Ask Æthered about the notebook.
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Clan: Noiad Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Dominican Republic
Player: Martin E.