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Commonly Known

Name: Övé Háskell

Notable Traits and Features:

Övé Háskell (pronounced Ooo-vay Haws-kl), Primogen of Clan Tremere currently in the City of Kelowna, as well as Primogen in the early- to mid-1800s in Malta. He is a loyalist of the utmost; his loyalty to Clan Tremere is unwavering, and is a not-so-vocal yet obvious supporter of the Camarilla.

However, Övé is no stranger to Sabbat controlled regions, as he has conducted business transactions with every Sect, societal station, and Clan, in both kindred and other mortal interests. His dealings have lead him into enemy territory which, for reasons unknown to many, has allowed him to also return from these regions unscathed. It's unclear how he is able to travel into Sabbat territory, only to walk back out as if on a clear, spring evening stroll. This remains to be one of his secrets kept close to his chest.. and one which, when asked, Övé will refuse to answer.

His demeanor is that of a pleasant and cordial fellow, willing to speak to and associate with all manner of personality or station, above and below his own. That said, he is quick to stand up for, and against, those he deems necessary, without issue.

Although he walks with a limp, Övé seems to be a man of stature and refined taste, enjoying the finer things in his unlife, from expensive, Toreador-tailored suits, to high-end fedora hats. His reputation precedes him, however, as a womanizer (but in the most attentive and polite manner), and as a man who will do what it takes, to whomever is required, to accomplish a job or deal. His notoriety is globally recognized, and rumours abound regarding his past. Rumours of intra-Clan ties are plenty, and his reach has been known to extend very far beyond mere federal borders.

If there's something you require, Övé is likely the person to get it for you. Need someone removed? Speak with Övé. When things just aren't quite going the way you wanted... don't look at Övé, it wasn't him.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

Lineage: House Saharat

Class: Ancilla

Position: Tremere Primogen, Kelowna, BC. Canada

Known History

Born the son of a Norwegian nobleman, Övé was already in the heart of intrigue, plot and murder. When his father was murdered, young Övé was shipped away to foreign lands to protect his noble heritage.

As a young man in his early 20s, Övé made his way to Constantinople in a quest for knowledge and growth. What awaited him there was much more than he bargained for.

After decades of service as a retainer to a twisted regnant, Övé fled back to Europe, and survived as he'd learned... through guile, blackmail, deception and sheer will for survival. This lead to the eventual final death of several dozen Kindred, who unwillingly gave their unlives to his continued survival. This methodology of survival was what eventually lead him to also discovering that not all Kindred are willing participants in his practice of trapping, drinking from, and killing kindred. One of his targets would eventually lead to his capture, near death, and eventual embrace within Clan Tremere (after proving himself too valuable to remove from the earth completely).

Travelling the western hemisphere, Övé eventually found himself travelling the North American continent, making connections wherever he went.

In modern nights, Övé is known as a boon-maker, deal broker, and at the very least, a man of his word. No one will ever find him untrue to what he says. Usually because, if there's been a non-truth spoken, that person isn't around to confirm or deny.

Knowledge Known to House and Clan


Within the Clan, Övé is known as a Pyramid climber. He's always been ambitious, and the structure of Clan Tremere affords him the means to grip the rung higher than his station should allow to help pull him ever higher.

Within 20 years of his release from the Accounting, Övé was awarded two quick promotions to Apprentice of the Second and Third Circles of Mysteries due to his dedication of study and simple learning ability. This quick head start to his advancement bolstered Övé to look and reach ever higher within the Clan's hierarchy.

For nearly 300 years following, Övé was moved around the Western hemisphere, both training retainers, Acolytes, and Apprentices in the proper ways of serving House and Clan, and in assisting or leading construction and / or leadership duties with Chantry business. This has earned him the attention of the Elders, specifically his grand-sire, to be groomed for service within the Societatis Transitus. His ability to control and lead lower ranking Tremere, as well as ensure the safety and continued success of the Clan, has proven nearly flawless, and has given him the opportunity to provide strong Clan leadership in the Western region of Canada.

To this night, he currently sits as Regent of Kelowna, and is the ranking Regent of the western half of the country.

Quotes About Övé

"My Great Grandchilde is an embodiment of carefully controlled ambition and unwavering loyalty. To those who would try to use this to their advantage I have but three words for them- he is mine." - Saharat

"It is sometimes easy to forget how dangerous the man can be, a delightful companion for the ages if you are lucky enough to call him friend." - Rowan Byrd

"Oh honey, there are many reasons I call him the Magic Man" - Holly Wood

"Övé is wonderfully pragmatic at the best of times and vehemently cruel at the worst of times. I'm happy to call him 'friend' through all of it." - Rhiannon Byrd

"You know, I like most of the Tremere, but this one? He may have had a hand in the formation of their stereotype..." - Morena Meyer

"If he offers to wine and dine you, expect nothing but the best. He doesn't half ass anything he does, which is one of the reasons I admire him." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood

"Lord Háskell and I built a chantry that has stood a century, through wars of kindred and changes of power. He is a Tremere of skill and distinction." - Niko Koskinen

"Ove was able to give me detailed information about the status of Buddhist people in his city as well as what conditions LGBTQ individuals are living in in his city. Actually, he was supposed to get me connected with individuals in both communities in his town..have you heard from him lately?" - Rain

"Mr.Háskell is emblematic of the Tremere Clan. He is skilled beyond understanding, exacting in his methods, with a quiet dignity about himself. The highest echelons of the Ivory Tower have nothing but praise for him. But ask how much you truly know about what he has done to deserve this praise... Then decide for yourself if you are willing to trust him". - Kira Mantle

"Primogen Háskell is the kind of fella I love dealing with. He knows what he wants. He knows what he'll pay. And he knows just how to fuck you up if you try to cheat him. It keeps business simple. And it keeps ol' Jimmy nice and flush." - Jimmy Kincaid

"I owe Háskell a great deal of gratitude for his steadfastness, patience, and rigor. I would not have become the star Accounting I was were not for his invaluable guidance." - Thaddeus Moreau

Quotes By Övé

"There is nothing that can take the pain away. But eventually you will find a way to live with it. There will be nightmares. and every day when you wake up, it will be the first thing you think about. Until one day it will be the second thing" - Conversation regarding a lost love.

"Someone willing to burn the world down to protect the one person they care about... that's a man I understand" - Speaking on the merits of mankind

"I never tire of being correct." - Always

"Once you cross over, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again." - Discussion regarding the downward spiral of losing humanity


  • In the very early 1800s, there are but a handful of Kindred around the globe who are aware that, for all he has shown to be unwavering and die-hard, pro-Clan, there was a short time period when he would have been removed of his unlife for his actions. Had his elders known that he was, in fact, peering over the edge of the abyss, there is little doubt he would have had himself removed entirely from existence. His only saving grace was the assistance of a highly unlikely source, and friendship with an Elder in the City of Bristol.
  • There has been hushed whispers of Övé cavorting with the Sabbat on a positive note, however, all efforts to prove this have come up with nothing for proof. He HAS been seen in many war-torn regions, where cross-sect violence has been prevalent, but nothing further has been proven.
  • Whispered words speak about a man who, upon being thrown in a warded, ultimate-security prison constructed for Kindred, killed the childe of a noted Luminary Elder while in their cell, only to walk out unmolested.
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House Lineage

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OOC Information

Player: Ryan Mizak

Player Email: ove.haskell@gmail.com (In game contact) mizak.adria@gmail.com (Out of game contact)

Storyteller: Gus Manning

Storyteller Email: vtm-vst-darkvineyard@kelownabynight.com

Location: Kelowna, BC (Canada)