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This is the page for the Mind's Eye Society Domain of Bloomington, Illinois (IL-009-D Eden Theatrical Society).

IC Teaser

Whispers on the Wind

Hey. Hey. Have you heard? The Faire is coming to town, to Bloomington town, but not to the Normal part. The Faire is coming, the first time in a long time—has it been twenty years already? The Faire, have you heard?

The bizarre Bazaar, the peculiar assortment of shops and stalls and tents and bars… why, you can find anything there, don’t you know? And anyone can go. Oh my yes, I do mean anyone. You never know what you’ll find or who you will meet, all kinds of creatures go bump in the night.

Anyone can sell anything, but be wary the price.

Briarwolf bratwurst and carnivorous roses, odd things made out of glass or bone or wood or steel, anything a person can make and wants to sell.

The Faire is taking over the market, but just for one night. And hey, have you heard? There’s going to be a scavenger hunt, there always is, and the prize… well… that depends on who plays, doesn’t it.

Are you going? I’ll be there. Look for the blue door. Knock three times and spin counter clockwise twice, shout “Hello out there!” and then give it a good solid push. Works like a charm.


Lost is Friday evening on the 20th, with sign in starting around 6pm and game on at 7, and there is Apoc on Saturday afternoon and Masquerade on Saturday evening. I am running the Lost game and I welcome anyone who wants to play, as well as am looking for people who would like to earn some prestige for portraying an NPC. I encourage people who are interested in cross venueing or bringing other people along to cross venue, to talk to your STs and to bring what ever mechanics you need along with you. Flatcon is $25 dollars for the weekend or $10 for just Friday, and there is a hotel rate of $99 a night. There is more information at: www.flatcon.com

The ST email for Bloomington is lost@ets-il009d.com if you have any questions.