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Character Info

Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Malkavian
Social Class: Neonate
Generation: 11th
Location: Phoenix, AZ


  • White male, standing 5'6" with no musculature to speak of. His shaved head exposes *Artisan* tattoos that run from his skull and branch out over the right side of his back, shoulder and right arm/hand (when not covered by clothing) which resemble that of a circuit board (see examples below).
  • In casual, he is often seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt depicting some sort of geek-related image, such as sci-fi, a comic character, Star Wars or some other geeky reference.
  • Other times, when in a more 'fiesty' mood, he is seen wearing shirts that specifically depict the Spiderman logo or other spider-related graphic.
  • In formal company, he might wear suits ranging from the simply 'well-tailored' right on up to the 'extremely expensive'.



Cranial TattoosCranial PortsVisible Tattoos


Helicopter NOT APPROVED equipment at this time. 3chelon's private helicopter, a Bell 222


Mark Lucky - US 2002-02-3568