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Character Info

Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Malkavian
Social Class: Neonate
Generation: 11th
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Lineage House IsharuHouse Isharu



Things said


  • "You want to take control? Control is a figment of your imagination. You don't believe me? You're a fool. Watch as all your holdings and everything you thought you had control over disappears. What control do you have now?." - 3chelon
  • "His fascination with probability is refreshing. His exploration of virtual realities both odd and fascinating." - Tannesh
  • "He said some shit, and now my head hurts." - Gabriel
  • "This dude here is smart as hell. I dont know many folks who will stay in bondage because it is better for business, but that's him. Cool kat though, down brotha. One day he'll wake up and see the light of the Movement." - El Plaga
  • "He was definitely interesting to watch, but then everything was there." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • This guy is Watson, Short Round, and Spiderman all rolled into one awesome package! The court of Santo Domingo owes this man much for their security and nightly existence."-Jared Wynters
  • "Your Quote Here." - You


  • "put a rumor here"
  • "He's probably just infiltrating the Camarilla for the Anarch Movement."