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"I slept with faith and found a corpse in my arms on awakening; I drank and danced all night with doubt and found her a virgin in the morning."

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Notable Traits: Tall, lanky, wide eyed, dressed like an explosion at InfoWars, yet nevertheless never quite seems real. Most who encounter him face to face can't seem to remember him at all. It's hard to recall the name he mumbled, or even remember what he looks like.

Titles: Malkavian Primogen of Olympia

[[1]] 93's Tumblr of Exotic Delights


Sire: Unknown. When asked, he'll simply say "They haven't declared that public knowledge at this time."

Childer: Dr Villanueva-93

Broodmates: None noted.


- He has been no less than five separate people over the course of his Requiem. He has been a tax collector for the Stuyvesant junkerdom, he has been a ranting street preacher, he has been a sham psychic preying on the grief of the living, he has been a corn flake and patent medicine baron, he has been a prominent Freemason, he has been a serial killer, he has been a cult leader, he has written self-help manuals peddled by men far wealthier than he, he has been a loud and vocal Gehenna prophet, and now, he is a /fringe/wizard.

- What does "93" mean? Some say there are 92 previous incarnations, or that he is the 93rd in his lineage. Those of a more occult bent have labored over the numerological significance of the name, and some think it's the year of his last embrace.

- He claims, at time, to speak on behalf of a group. The name of the group is never stated, nor does it appear to align with any known Kindred organization or directive. He was an early prophet of the Red Star, and his prophecies regarding the Week of Nightmares were notably accurate.

- Recently, the persona of "Stuart Wischard" has appeared. He is considerably different from 93, far more professional, far more stoic, and much more restrained. Stuart is a traditionalist, and he holds to ancient ways of Kindred culture somewhat more individualistic than common in the era of the Camarilla. If you were to tack his clan, you wouldn't assume he's a Malkavian.

- There is something unusual about the persona of Stuart Wischard. It's almost as if he isn't 93 anymore.

- Stuart Wischard is not his real name, either.

- Recently, after some political discussion, Stuart/93 was made Sheriff of Olympia.

- Frequently edits Hardestadt the Elder's Wikipedia page.

- Rumored to be a forgotten descendent of Addemar.

- Associated with the Delphians in some capacity.

- 93 is gone. Long live 93.

Character Inspiration

- Edward Nygma (Gotham, the Batman universe)

- K (Kafka's "The Castle")

- Kenneth Anger

- Jake Gittes (Chinatown)

- Thomas Cromwell, Chief Minister to Henry VIII

- My Real Life Boss, a data scientist whose addiction to technology, psychology, sociology and perpetual streams of overwhelming data has warped his mind.


- Vertus, Elder Assamite: The old mercenary is sharing his wisdom and expertise in Kindred wrangling with 93. They have an odd relationship.

- Madame de Avignon, Malkavian: Another mentor. They share insights into the Cobwebs post-Red Star.

- Kweene, Toreador Harpy of Seattle: The working relationship of these two Kindred is tightly oiled. As a machine of gossip maintenance, they share most rumors that come and go in the Northwest.

- Megara Sloane, Brujah Seneschal of Seattle: Despite deeply opposing emotional tempers, Sloane and 93 have a very good working appreciation of each other's talents.

- Dr. Conner Villanueva: The only one who knows 93's real name, the true story of his Embrace, and the true nature of his derangement.


- Jentry Nix, Toreador Anarch: Mutual respect but they don't trust each other at all. She sees him as an untrustworthy enigma, he sees her as damaged goods.

OOC Information

Player: Kenneth Max Brooks

Location: Olympiard, Washington

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Olympia, WA
Player: [2]
Storyteller: {{{s}}}