Aaron Knight

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Aaron Knight

Character Information and Tattoos


Name: Aaron Knight

Pack:Non Nobius Solemn Faction: St. Blaise

Notable Traits: Long white hair, fancy clothes, flash of occult jewelry from rings to earrings. Tattoo along the left side of his neck of the veve for Baron Samedi. Other various tribal designs for the elements can be seen upon his arms, chest and back.

Personality: Aaron's personality is very fluid. One moment he's witty and cunning in conversation. The next he's serious when a matter of security or other task needs to be done. Social chameleon at it's finest.

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  • Born to a Baptist preacher and nurse mother 1995.
  • Kicked out of the house at 16 for doing the "Devil's work" of getting a girl pregnant.
  • Hitchhiked his way around the country living on the streets in various cities.
  • Learned at a young age that sex and drugs will keep your belly full. Fell easily into the sex trade and drug dealing arena.
  • At 23 ended up in Hong Kong as part of a smuggling operation and ended up catching the eye of another Serpent and eventually embraced.
  • Trained in the arts of seduction and business it's not long before he's picked up by another clan mate looking to expand upon the boy's talents. He's introduced to the world of the occult due to his curious nature.
  • Ends up being sent to the island to try to boost their control over the mortal sector.
  • First step. Establishes a Burlesque club called Insomnia catering to the wealthy of the island as well as tourists.

Sorcery and Necromancy


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  • All his ritual works is done around working with elemental spirits.
  • Not uncommon to find him talking to items.
  • Tends to bury the messengers Val uses as final rites for their service.
  • Patron Loa of Baron Samedi now.


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  • For the right price a night of sin can be yours.

Skills for Hire

Tenor (3).gif
  • Who doesn't he know?
  • Resources loan agent.
  • Investigation
  • History and Occult affairs
  • Sorcery


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  • Gambling
  • Talent scouting for performers at his club.
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • History mainly ancient or occult

Ties Looking For

  • Other performers who have worked at his club or looking for work.
  • Anyone who needed a quick loan or an inside information informant.
  • Lovers/friends/mentors
  • Surprise me.


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  • "This one makes me smile. I am glad to have known him all this time. I am glad to see us both grow. He will make a strong Inquisitor." -Valerie Evans
  • "Little snake cousin. I will always appreciate the way he made me feel welcome. We're going to play this island like a harp from hell." -Avery Dunn
  • "I will never use his drugs as marinade again." -Morgan Evans

Insomnia Club


  • Owner of Club Insomnia. Tourist trap and local venue for Burlesque and other exotic shows.
  • Weekend special shows.
  • Rumored the VIP room serves more then top tier drinks.

Insomnia drink and performance Link

Isomnia's drink and performance Menu

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Player: Mindy kolp
Email: Alec.shijo@gmail.com

ST: Caroline