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This Character is Deceased

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Aaron Tildon

Deed Name: Golden Arm

Tribe: Silver Fang

Noble House: Wyrmfoe

Auspice: Ahroun

Rank: Fostern

Sept: Sept of the White Field

Pack: The Left-Handed Compliment

Notable Traits:

  • Fame 5
  • Bitten
  • Heroic Lineage


Before retiring in 2013, Aaron Tildon was a Starting Pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. While he wasn't the best on the mound, he did have an overall winning record, and was particularly known for his longevity on the roster, lasting 9 seasons as a full roster member, and making occasional appearances for a few years before that.

Shortly after retirement, Jordan Isaiah Morningkill, a Silver Fang of House Wyrmfoe, discovered a distant, yet viable relation to Aaron, and shortly thereafter, gave him a Bite. A month later, his first change came under the full moon on December 6, 2014.

For the next two years, Aaron has tried to balance his mundane life of semi retirement (He now makes a living through commercials and occasional appearances on NESN), and his life as a Warrior in the War against the Wyrm.

A member of the Sept of the White Fields, he is known to the Nation as "Golden Arm," and is of the Fostern Rank. He is gregarious and headstrong. He has spent a good portion of the past year offering his service in battle to any who will accept it, and has made his intentions to achieve great things in the Nation.


7/25/1972- Born in Northampton, MA
6/81990- Graduates HS, signed to Red Sox farm system
8/15/2000- Makes MLB debut as a relief pitcher, pitching 3 innings
2005 Season- Becomes full roster member as a Starting Pitcher
2007 Season- Misses world series due to injury
2013- Pitches Game 2 in World Series (Lost game), retires after end of season
11/6/2014- Approached by Jordan Isaiah Morningkill of Silver Fang House Wyrmfoe, and Bitten.
12/6/2014- First Change
3/5/2015- Joins the Sept of the White Fields
11/25/2015- Achieves Cliath Rank
7/19/2016- Achieves Fostern Rank
11/4/2017- Present for the planting of a Caern seed at the Sept of the White Fields

  • Becomes a Guardian for the Sept shortly after.

3/3/2018- Joins the Pack of the Left Handed Compliment
5/28/2018- Falls in battle, standing alone against a Pack of Black Spiral Dancers and Fallen Garou


  • "So technically I knew of him before I met him. Been to a Sox game twice before. I thought he was a good if slightly inconsistent pitcher. Fast forward a few years to me in a tough situation in Seattle. The Septs had collapsed and the shifters had all left. I had a burning need of help in dealing with fomori who'd been making inroads to my city. I put out a request for any able bodied werewolf, Fera whatever to come help me take this group out. I got a response from a Silver Fang with the moniker Golden Arm. Some newer change wanting to make a name for himself, but hey I was in a bind. So I agreed. Imagine my surprise when Golden Arm shows up and He's Aaron Tildon, former pitcher for the Red Sox. I was concerned he'd try to bulldoze his way through this but he took my lead and we got the job done. He's competent if not a little... I dunno overconfident? Reckless? Optimistic to the point of me worrying about him dying in the kill box we'd set up? One of those... maybe all of those. But he's a good guy, didn't condescend to me and he came to help when I had no one else backing me up. I'm mad as hell at someone because I think he was taken advantage of when he received the bite but he's making the best out of it he can. So yeah I'd call him friend." - Cat
  • "I knew Aaron a little back in Boston when he was pitching for the Sox. He was honest, wasn't overly proud, and not generally as arrogant as some pro ball players tend to be. I heard he joined the Nation a little while back, and aside from becoming Garou it doesn't sound like much else has changed. So, I'd stand him a drink or fight at his side, and there aren't too many outside my pack and Sept about whom that can be said." -Kieran Mcnamara
  • Glory spirits resound with the name of Golden Arm, Ahroun of House Wyrmfoe and Guardian of his Caern, who fell in battle with forces from the Hive while on an umbral patrol. His actions allowed the rest of the Gaians to regroup and fortify their position. Falcon itself is said to have nodded approvingly that, "This is what is expected of the First Tribe."- Apocalypse Clock, May 2018
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Rumors & Tabloids

  • He missed the 2007 season because he was attacked by a crazy "Fan." His agent had that fan killed.
  • In 2015 he went through a pretty severe midlife crisis, and only found peace of mind at a Tibetan meditation center.
  • He never charges kids for autographs, unless their parents are rich.
  • Oddly enough, his Deed Name has nothing to do with his pitching.
  • He was seen buying a New York Yankees hat.
  • I heard he was on a date with a guy!
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OOC Information

Player: Andrew Collins

Player Email: revaar61@gmail.com

Storyteller: Josh Smith

Storyteller Email: Sunderedlands.Apoc@gmail.com

Location: MA-005-D