Abby Lamnidae

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General Information

Name: Abby Lamnidae
Deed Name: Swimmer of the Endless Sea
Rank: In the Open Sea (3)
Tribe: Rokea
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Dimwater
Camp: Betweener
Sept: TBD

Words are the same, underwater, on land



AbbyBullet.png Secret Homid among the Betweeners after her change.

AbbyBullet.png Came to shore often, during the Ban, just like a bunch of other Betweeners.
AbbyBullet.png Somehow she just didn't get caught.

AbbyBullet.png Her brother is jealous because he's aged so much for a Kinfolk but she's hardly aged since the age of 20.
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AbbyBullet.png "She is determined. Once she has her mind on something, she doesn't stop until it's completed." - Priscilla Lamnidae
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Allies and Friends

Diving Deep

Not too much is known about Abby outside of her relations to the Lamnidae family that is currently based out of Port O'Connor, Texas. She lived, like the rest of the family, in San Francisco, California, even during the time of the Ban. She helped get the family line started on their path like her parents before her, before having to abandon endeavors of the surface world after her shift during the Great Ban.

One of her notable events was helping with the discussion to lift the Ban, along with the meetings of her other family members to help present opportunities and viable reasons to lift the Ban in order to save the Oceans.

OOC Information

Storyteller: Fera Lead
St Email: Fera Lead

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