Abdul Kutba

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Abdul Kutba

  • Embrace date: 1495 CE
  • Generation: 6th Generation
  • Clan: Assamite (Vizier)
  • Sire: 'Adnun
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: The American SC, NC, and GL regions
  • ST Point of Contact:AANST Assamite

Physical Description

A very elderly man with a long beard, Abdul was embraced as a rapidly ageing ghoul. He wears a plain white dishdasha and a white head wrap tied like a Masar. Abdul moves with limited mobility and appears to need a cane. It is not known if this is an affectation or a real need.

Brief History

Born an Iraqi around 120 BCE, Abdul grew up to be a teacher and an Astrologer. In his old age he gathered all the hundreds of students he'd helped grow. He asked of them as a retirement gift, if they would help him build a great observatory. They agreed, and he was the first to lay a brick.

Around 200 BCE Abdul took in his last student, 'Adnun. The boy suffered greatly, but Abdul taught him how to control his mind and quiet his terrible visions. Horribly, the observatory was burned down by an attack of religious zealots. 'Adnun ran into the night and was embraced by Abu Ilaf. The student had assumed that his teacher had died. This was not the case.

There was a nearby Nosferatu who was on a millennia long search for the home of the Assamites. The Nosferatu would kidnap and ghoul the mortal cohorts of any Assamites always searching for any clue to track down Alamut. This Nosferatu took in Abdul and enslaved him for 1,700 years.

In 1495, that same Nosferatu discovered Alamut and forced the clan to agree to the terms of the Treaty of Tyre. Once done with them, she abandoned her ghouls and servants gathered for that purpose. Dying and rapidly ageing in the heat of the desert, Abdul had a vision. He saw that he could only ever die after getting his revenge on the Nosferatu.

Assamites were flowing forth from the Mountain in search of the spies who'd infiltrated Alamut. 'Adnun found the abandoned camp of the Nosferatu and found Abdul. He immediately saw the kind face of the man who'd saved him from the fire so many years ago. 'Adnun saved the old man and embraced him as the heat of the day left the sands.

Abdul saw the coming of Ur Shulgi and embraced Nerissa in preparation for that eventuality. He also sees that event as an opportunity to hunt down the Nosferatu who enslaved him. As he was blood bound, he only ever saw her face as she wanted him to see it. He only ever saw her beauty before her embrace and was never allowed to see her as she really was. He only saw her once as a monster, the night the observatory burned to the ground. Still, he knows much about her from his years as her slave. He believes that she is based in the American Great Lakes region, and is intent on finding her. He receives his visions in places of dying heat and sputtering flames. As such, he has taken to haunting the American rust belt. Standing in the dying foundries and furnaces that once created a vibrant American Middle Class, he receives his visions and searches for his prey.

Current Status

A founding member of the Schismatics, Abdul is a member of The Praxidice Council, helping other escapees in the Assamite diaspora. He is based in the SC, NC, and GL regions.

  • Update: Killed in 2018. Investigations into the death of Qusay ibn Namdar revealed his assassination.

Known Childer


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