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Character Information

Name: Abe Ryou

Deed Name: Misuto o Aruku Mono

Breed: Kojin

Path: Gukutsushi

Tribe: Kitsune

Rank: Fostern

Pack: One Black Thread

Domain: AL-001-D

Notable Traits



Allies and Companions

Bragging Rights

  • Survived a one on one with a Nexus Crawler by playing board games.



  • "Stood with us in battle, saw a Caern raised from a Seed. He proved worth to this Wolf." - Amasis Sabry
  • "It is because of this one, I am still with us. As one of the famori came for me, they were ended by Abe's own hand." - Sylvi Anker
  • "Misuto o Aruku Mono is the second Kitsune to stand by my side in battle. His blood waters the ground of the Shard Caern just as mine does. Until 2011 they were nothing more than rumours to the Nation, but it seems that they are becoming our cousins by the blood mingled on battlefields as much as what we share in our veins as children of Gaia's will. Misuto o Aruku Mono has bled to show me this. I have bled to say the same in kind." - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "He's lost his fun. I'm not sure where, or when, but he lost it. I'm here to help him find it again." - Buttons
  • "The first to make me wish that I understood." - Tenebrous Harmony
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