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What you find in the woods found you hours ago. Pray he ain't hungry.

Character Information

Name: Abraham Eklund

Clan: Nosferatu

Covenant: Carthian

Embrace Year: 1862

Position: Sheriff and Myrmidon of the Ellsworth Carthian Movement

Notable Traits: Full body fur resembling the Sasquatch stories of legend.


  • Birth 1826
  • 1860 Enlists with Union Army at first announcement of Secession
  • 1862 Embrace after the battle of Antietam
  • 1896 Joins Carthian Movement
  • 1956 After the murder of a human victim Abraham is apprehended by the Sheriff and brought to court meeting Queen Helene. He is pushed to serve out a sentence of five years as a Sheriff's Deputy.
  • 1962-1989 Disappears off the grid falling to Torpor

Hobbies and Interests

  • Hunting and fishing
  • Sparring
  • Gardening
  • Playing Pool

Carthian Law


Abraham is illiterate, and very sensitive about it.
Abraham got his positions at court on someone else's order. He is entirely a mindless puppet.
Abraham religiously counts every kill of his life and unlife. He's up to nearly one hundred.
Abraham is under a Norse curse things break when a certain lady is around.


  • "Your quote here."
  • "Dear Abe, try not to eat the ravens. They are just the messengers after all." -Caitrìona le Frerelane Barstow
  • " Together we are a cherry blossom tree. He is my roots and I am his cherry blossoms. He keeps me grounded in truth and I keep him connected with the heavens." -Arietta Musette Chanson
  • "Putting Abe and I together in the same room is dynamite. We make a great team for putting on the best floor show. Kudos to you Sheriff for having the fortitude to weather my crazy schemes. Next time...Red Carpet...."-Vidal St. Croix

Ties Sought

  • Childer and envoys into the mortal world
  • Antagonistic ties
  • Deputies and Investagators
  • Sparring partners

OOC Information

Player: Zach Shepard

Member Number: US2017020066 Location: NE Region

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