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  • Embrace date: 500 BCE
  • Generation: 5th Generation
  • Clan: Cappadocian
  • Sire: Unknown
  • Sect Affiliation: Unaligned (Autarkis)
  • Current Location: The catacombs of Greece
  • ST Point of Contact:Karl Fox - Lineage Project

Physical Description

An ancient, wizened zombie of a creature with gray skeletal fingers, sunken cheeks and clouded irises that sit deep within his skull. He has a long, wiry beard of ash gray hair that falls from his chin to his sternum, and hunches over like an old man with scoliosis. It would be easy to mistake him for a mummified corpse if he sat still for too long, which is often what he does.

Brief History

Embraced in northern Greece, he was groomed and chosen for unlife due to his knowledge of languages as well as his understanding of the dead. A scribe to other theologists of his time, he was masterful in his insights and eventually chosen by the Cappadocians for the embrace. He took to the philosophies of the Clan quickly and was often seen as caustic and abrasive to those of Giovanni stock. When the betrayal from the young necromancers came, many assumed he was killed or fled into the Shadowlands. However, Abraham’s knowledge of the transformative nature of the Shadowlands stopped him from joining some of his fellows in becoming the Harbingers of Skulls. Instead he returned to his old home and went into solitude within the catacombs of Greece. As centuries passed, his desiccated and hideous appearance caused many to believe he was a Nosferatu elder and Abraham faded into the background of Kindred Society. After the creation of the Camarilla, he disappeared. His current location is known only to a select few.

Current Status

Abraham doesn't leave the catacombs in which he resides and continues his studies. He is easily contacted by the luminaries of his clan, but the younger generations have only heard the name and never seen him face to face.

Known Childer


Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 300 BCE to 1444 CE and 1600 CE to 1700 CE Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Sabbat (Harbinger) or Unaligned (Autarkis).
  • Path: Death and the Soul, Heaven, or Humanity.
  • Skills: Any two of the following skills at 3 or higher: Academics, Linguistics, Lore, Medicine, or Occult
  • Special: Childer of Abraham share his contempt of the Giovanni, and should take the Intolerance Flaw.
  • Special: Must possess multiple paths of Necromancy.


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