Abyssal Lullaby

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

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Name: Abyssal Lullaby
Auspice: Dimwater
Breed: Squamus
Rank: Of the Open Sea
Camp: Betweeners
Slew: Unknown
Sept: Sept of Reborn Dreams
Notable Traits: Abyssal Lullaby is known to have worked with the Red Talons to help restore a Seed Shard to the Grotto of Renewed Fury.

What You See


Abyssal Lullaby's Forms

The Man: Abyssal Lullaby is a nudist whenever he can be. He does not understand why humans need to cover themselves up. He has no shame in displaying his muscular body. On those occasions when he does don the weeds of man, it's usually a pair of torn jeans and a bloodied San Jose Sharks jersey. For the irony.

The Shark: In the Sea, Abyssal Lullaby is a strong sleek Great White Shark.

What You Get


Like many Rokea, Abyssal Lullaby is brutally blunt when he speaks. It is clear he is not familiar with most technological issues or pop culture references. He is quick to fight, though at times shows amazing negotiating abilities. He is very dismissive of most human ways, not accepting of the ways of those who walk upon the Unsea. Yet, despite this, he is easily lulled by music, the one thing he appreciates about the world above.




  • Will get sweet on human Rokea kin but only Rokea kin.
  • He is quick to befriend Red Talons, feeling indebted to them for their help in retrieving the Seed Shard for the Great Pacific Grotto.
  • He spurns modern technology.
  • He claims territory in the San Francisco Bay, close to the Golden Gate Bridge. There's a reason most "jumpers" bodies aren't found.
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Abyssal Lullaby was birthed in the depths of the Monterey trench and the darkness enfolded him in it's embrace. His mother was Rokea kin and so they kept an eye on him as he grew older, hoping he would shift. He earned his name as the electrical currents sang with his unique song underwater. More then just communication to other sharks, he provided something akin to music to them.
As hoped, when he reached maturity, he shifted and became a force to be reckoned with in the Rokea community. He provided security to the waters between his birth home of Santa Cruz and the great Pacific Grotto.
He would secretly step onto land when hearing music drift down from musicians on docks or waters edge. While his hatred of those above were not abated, they could be sated by these musical interludes.
He was present when the accord was struck to try to trust the Above Sea shifters in this age of Apocalypse. He was chosen to be the emissary between the Pacific Grotto below and the Sept of San Francisco above. He worked with the Red Talons to secure a Shard for the Pacific Grotto and bring it back to life. Now, he works with the Sept of San Francisco to help his people survive these polluted times. He weighs the options of what will benefit the Under Sea and aids the Sept above as needed. And, if in times of war, a human or two manages to bleed out into the sea...
well, so much the better.

What You See



  • Unknown



"The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choice-less as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

From Him

  • "Hello, chum..."
  • "Is it meat?"
  • "I will follow the Litany, I will not eat the flesh of man. My brethren however, do not have to follow the Litany."

About Him

  • "This shark here, has probably been in my life a lot. I've seen it appear here and there but didn't get to officially met him till after the Ban was lifted." - Priscilla
  • "He's got balls that's for sure. Easy fecking target because he wears no clothes but big fecking balls!" - Ian MacAllan
  • "Couldn't keep his mouth shut about the Bitten being unnatural but he didn't have a word to say about the toys the Glasswalkers were playing with. Have some consistency." - Hush
  • "I appreciate the directness of most Rokea. Abyssal Lullaby is not as direct, which makes him all the more interesting to watch." - Duskcaller
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OOC Information

Player: D. Scott McQuiston
Player Email: CamScotty@gmail.com
Storyteller: David Barnhill
Storyteller Email: sfgarou@gmail.com
Location: San Francisco, CA
VIP Spent: Your VIP request for participation in a canon event (5 VIP Points, not otherwise listed), has been approved. A strong voice of the Betweeners, Abyssal Lullaby helped sway his Elders that they needed to work with the Unsea shifters to help fix their dying Grottos.

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