Adamo Giovanni

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Innate Status:

Accredited at the founding of the Independent Alliance

Abiding Status by Position:

Celebrated as one of the Prominent Commanders of the Independent Alliance in Boston, MA

Fleeting Status:

Found to be Honorable by Ambrose Goddard the Setite Doyen of Boston
Found to be Adept by the Hatchet of Boston

Basic Timeline:

  • 1580 – Born to a merchant branch of the Giovanni Family, Adamo was taught letters & accounting so as to better assist with the Family Business. A favorite of his “AUNT”
  • 1600 – Ghouling by “AUNT”
  • 1620 – his unflinching loyalty to the Family and his acceptance of their vampiric nature and purpose earned him his Embraced by “SIRE”
  • 1640 – Adamo & Family settles Boston
  • 1652 – Mass Bay Colony establishes a Mint, The Family was heavily involved in funding and creating it.
  • 1700 – Adamo & Family settles MV
  • 1969 – Chappaquiddick incident on MV
  • 1974 – Jaws filmed on MV
  • 1982 – Belushi buried on the island, corpse moved to another grave site nearby (or was it)
  • 1999 – JFK’s plane goes down off the coast of MV
  • 2008 – Treaty of the IA. Adamo and family reintroduce themselves to the City of Boston and carve out a power base for the IA with their Setite Allies
  • 2009 – Ritual to weaken the Baali & the Infernal
  • 2010 – The IA strategy was effective and through prestation & influence the Camarilla has been weakened some allowing the IA a foothold in the domain.
  • 2018 – After years of work, Adamo tasks the Setites with elevating one of their number to Doyen.

Notable Traits:
Adamo appears to be a twenty-something with a shaved head, dark brown hair & eyes, a small goatee and a cruel smirk. He is marked by an inhumanity that cannot be hidden by powers of the blood. He often carries a small bag filled with occult and ritual items. Has declared Martha's Vineyard is the sole territory of The Giovanni Family.

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Adamo's business deals have reportedly included the following individuals and groups.

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Quotes by Adamo

  • "You ask me about Sheriff Rurik as if I owe you an answer. But I will say this much to you.. he is fire where I am ice, and yet we are both the bringers of death." -- Don Adamo Giovanni
  • "'Tell my Uncle I'm ok.. Tell my Uncle I'm ok.. Tell my Uncle Alley I'm ok now.' the little girls spirit hounded me for days when I walked downtown. I find it ironic that other Vampires look upon him and see a misshapen monster.. yet Mortal Children have come to know him as their protector. I wonder what that says about his Soul. I wonder what that says about Yours." -- Don Adamo Giovanni

Quotes about Adamo

  • "I hear words that paint the Giovanni as thugs and vile necromancers. From what I have seen of Don Giovanni, he carries himself as one accustomed to the burdens of command. I can think of many words to describe a leader of this type, and 'thug' is not among them." -- Stefan Hoffman
  • "Words words words, terrible words." -- Visible Name


Adamo Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: Boston
Player: Chris R.
VST: Graham R. (iVST)