Adelina "Stormteaser" Ramirez

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Adelina "Stormteaser" Ramirez

Notable Traits: A tall young woman with black eyes and black hair, she always has a friendly and inquisitive attitude, as well as a lot of silver and turquoise jewelry

Pack: TBD

Society: TBD

Sept: TBD, San Juan, Puerto Rico


December 12, 1993. Adelina Maria Ramirez is born in Alvin, Texas a semi-rural exurb of Houston. Her parents own a little Mexican restaurant and she works there, showing a definite talent and interest in cooking. Her mother’s brother and his partner decide while she is a child to bind a Spirit Egg to her, with her parents’ blessing.

December 12, 2008. Adelina has her first change on her birthday (hell of a quinceanera). She goes to live with her gay uncle and his partner, who created her Spirit Egg, in the Montrose District in Houston, and they mentor her. They also run a food truck, and she starts working for them, finding it a great place to catch gossip. As a Corax, she spends her time learning secrets in both the material world and the Umbra. As she grows up, she becomes more and more restless.

May 2012. After graduating high school, Adelina moves out to live on her own with friends, and continues working with her uncles. She travels a lot, both materially and umbrally, and this stills the need for a while longer.

May 2013. Adelina, in her umbral explorations, runs afoul of some Stormcrow spirits, and can’t seem to keep her mouth shut, telling them how crows are just inferior ravens after all. This earns her their notoriety, but the other Corax find it amusing and she advances in rank at the next Parliament, being called “Stormteaser”.

September 2014. The need to roam becoming too great, Adelina moves to Seattle. Her family helps her get a little food cart of her own, and she settles in the Ballard area with other Corax, running her cart in the Northgate neighborhood. She saves money to expand her operations.

November 2016. She decides she’s been here too long and it’s too cold and she misses speaking Spanish and decides she will move again, this time to San Juan, Puerto Rico. She sells everything, taking her profits and savings with her. She buys another food truck, joins the local sept, and starts building a new life again. Until the next time she grows restless...


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OOC Information

Player: Leah Franco

Player Email:

Storyteller: Eduardo Sanchez

Storyteller Email:

Location: Houston, TX