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I have found as much beauty in the dark as I have found horrors in the light.

Commonly Known Information

Name: Aden (ah-Deen)

Notable Traits: On a Path of Enlightenment

Society: Independent Alliance

Clan: Follower of Set

Position: Hatchet, San Diego, Ca

Position: Priest, San Diego, Ca (Follower of Set lore only)

Age Catagory: Neonate


Aden is a simple looking man, he carries himself quietly and focused. He can be found commonly wearing fairly simple modern clothing.


Innate - Accepted
Abiding - Enforcer - Hatchet
Abiding - Earnest - Hatchet
Fleeting - Honorable - Virago Eli Pisanob
Fleeting - Reverent - Doyen Saul Rothstein
Fleeting - Honorable - Doyen Sebastian Teotl
Fleeting - Triumphant - For assisting in the defeat of the lord of the Fae in San Diego.


  • Aden is a Powerful Necromancer, he is using the magic to search for Set in the Underworld
  • Aden is a Prophet and regularly spouts off new Prophecies of Set.
  • Hates shirts.
  • Likes everyone.
  • More rumors here!
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OOC Information

Player: Trevor Gruhot

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kareem Gabriel Fortes

Storyteller Email:

Location: San Diego