Adhara Vega

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Aliases: Unknown

Type: Officially Human

Apparent Age: Late 20s

Current Location: Crossroads Station

Union: Entertainer's Union

Chartered Company: Guild of the Solista



OOC Info

Player: Liz N
Domain: NC-006-D
VST: Liz N
DST: Ian S
DC: Josh H

Treasured Companion


Adhara appears to be an athletic, slender woman with almost porcelain pale skin and starbust bright blue eyes. Her cheeks always carry a faint blush, and her lips hold a faint sheen even when she's not all made up. Makeup and other accents to her skin generally leave her with a faint blue sheen over her eyes, light to deep blue lipstick, and silver patterns above her brows. She is often dressed in clothes that are flattering without being over revealing.


Friendly and soft spoken in public, she seems to be able to construct good relations anywhere she goes. Adhara is even-tempered, perhaps a bit too self-sacrificing at times, yet strong-willed and a solid advocate for the happiness and positive influences in the lives of her clientele and close friends. In more private settings, she tends to be quieter and more reserved, perhaps recharging from how outgoing she is otherwise.


Adhara is the Matriarch of the Guild of the Solista. As such, she is well known as a companion to people from all walks of life for various social - and sometimes personal - functions. She is generally fairly soft spoken, friendly, and open to conversation. She has a penchant for picking up on people's desires, and being capable of facilitating them or finding others who can. Due to her ability to get along well with most people and pick up on cues, she has also been hired to act as a liaison or negotiator for several parties in the past. Her history is fairly clouded, and few can really say just how old she might be.


  • Before 4032: Details Unknown.
  • 4032: Began traveling various areas throughout the verse, looking to find a more permanent place to settle.
  • 4042: Officially joins the Entertainer's Union, though she is known to have worked with them for several years before.
  • 4057: Founds the Guild of the Solista with a vision of comfort, counseling, and companionship.
  • 4059: Establishes a home on the Crossroads Station.
  • 4089: Establishes the first Guild House of the Solista on Crossroads Station.
  • 4098: Shifts business for the Guild on Crossroads to District 3 after a Solar Storm destroys the previous establishment.
  • 4113: Helps establish a trade path for an up and coming business in a nearby Verge System. (NC-008-D)
  • 4115: Finds Sterling alone, and recruits Them to act as her pilot.
  • 4117: Attends the Victory Day celebration as one of the Entertainer's Union representatives.

Known Associates

Positive Relations








  • “In theory, given the right circumstances, anything can be made to balance. As a negotiator, as a businessperson, she knows how to put theory into practice.” - Liro Ur-Rahat
  • "I'd bet on Adhara against a thousand marines. In fact, I have." - Xanatos Hawthorne
  • "Adhara is all the grace and warmth I wish were common in the galaxy, but proves to be rare and all the more valuable for it's uniqueness." - Prin Dawnbright
  • “There is little in this life that I will admit to reling on. Adhara's eye for talent and opportunity is one of them.” - Evie Golightly
  • “I have the disconcerting feeling that she's only tolerating the rest of us, and furthermore, that her tolerance is quickly fading.” - Evander Katharos
  • "Adhara is a wise and amazing leader. Kind and caring, patient and wise. Iskra has learned much from her." - Iskra
  • "We've worked together well for a good bit now. She and the Solista are always welcome to ply their trade at the Murder Hole." - Spandex McQueen


  • Adhara is a Changeling, and is at least a thousand years old.
  • Adhara used to be the morale officer on a Thurisaz ship.
  • Adhara knows many political secrets, and will sell them for the right price.
  • Adhara isn't a real person, just a title passed down through the ages.
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  • Inara, Firefly / Serenity
  • Geisha
  • Several historical references