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Character Details

Name: Aditi Banerjee

Alternative Names: Esperanza Velazquez

Notable Traits: Eerie Presence: Smell of roses, One Eye, Angelic Visage.

Clan: Lasombra

Sect: Sabbat

City: Martinique

Title: N/A

Pack: N/A

Faction: Loyalist

Personal Information

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: Late Twenties

Actual Age: 456

Height: 5'7"

Hair: Straight, black

Eye: Brown

Build: Lithe

Known History

1562 - Born to Lakshmi and Gopal Banerjee in Goa, her parents belonging to the vaishya caste, but not as well off as other members of their caste. Aditi was the third child and second daughter, which meant she could only look forward to a good marriage.

1577- She was married to Abhay Kulkarni, the second son of a fairly well-off merchant, in a lavish ceremony that half the city attended, in order to give their respects to the groom and the bride.

1580 - By this time, Aditi had borne her husband two daughters and was in contention with her husband’s mistress, who he’d taken so he could have a son. She barely managed to survive the birth of her second daughter, and was confined to bed until she recovered.

1582 - Unhappy in her marriage, she escaped, finding herself on a pirate ship under the captaincy of Gaspar de la Ruiz, the first of many captains she’d serve under. His crew was hostile to her since she was a foreigner, and never really warmed to her, so she abandoned the ship at the next port of call and snuck onto a different pirate ship.

1585 - Was ghouled by Alonso Flores after the Lasombra found her begging in an alleyway of Madrid. They’d been watching and had secretly arranged matters so that they’d be the one to ‘save’ Aditi from her life of begging. Lost her right eye sometime between 1571 and 1584.

1630 - Embraced by her sire in Madrid, changing her name to Esperanza Velazquez and working her way into the nobility while her sire worked their magic on the clergy, both Lasombra working on getting new members for the clan.

1632 - Esperanza picked out a particularly promising nobleman and his sister, slowly working on readying them for the Embrace by submitting them to various tragedies before appearing to them as if an angel, promising to save them for what had befallen them. Naturally, they agreed, becoming her first childer.

1735 - Founded the war/lore pack Razor’s Edge with a Ravnos on the Path of Honorable Accord, slowly gaining members.

1750 - Ghouled Mathias Forst, and slowly began to establish herself as an legitimate business presence.

1784 - Went into torpor after engaging a force of Infernalists in Cadiz alongside her pack, taking enough damage while putting them down.

1950 - Awoke from torpor, finding herself in a strange new world, and soon found herself a new ghoul, Mathias having been taken under the wing of another Lasombra shortly after her torporing, and began to set herself up as an acquisitions expert.

Public Information

Status: Initiated

Known Associates



  • "My dear Sire, and a valued and trusted ally besides that. She guided me when I was new to this world, and though much time has passed since then, she still watches me with a mother's gaze. I look at myself and see many of her traits in me." - Kelly Pythia

OOC Information

Player: Mahesh Mohan

Player Email: Email Me

Sabbat VST Email: VST Email

Location: Martinique (MES Virtual).