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Name: Adley "Socket" Traze

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 30

Height: 5ft 7'

Hair: Bright Red

Eyes: Blue

Court: Collapsar

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Bright One

Mein: Fox ears, Bushy tail, Blackened right arm & hand, Red eyes, Slight glow beneath her skin.

Society: Spacer

Home Port: Yanzao, Xiva-Tau Nebula.

Occupation: Scavenger heir / Cybernetic Limb Hoarder



Adley "Socket" Traze was born on the largest Scavenger ship called Big Berta. Poverty is all she has ever known but that suits her just fine. After all, you quickly learn to use what you have available when times are tough. Her classroom was the ship and soon she was learning everything from mechanics to piloting.

Growing up as a scavenger kid Socket became quickly aware that this was a ruthless existence and to survive you had to do what you had to do. It also didn't help that her so-called 'family' were infamous for their ways. Not that she cared but if someone spoke out against them they were sure to not just deal with one scavenger but the whole family. After proving herself to the family she was given her own scavenging ship called The Little Tucker. Having learned everything she could she began traveling and scavenging for herself.

She now finds herself living on the Wayfinder Station. Surviving trying to make a living in The Morass section of the station life was just as tough. However, her desire to fight and drink was still strong and soon enough she began making enemies in The Morass. Despite the poverty around her The Morass was beginning to feel a little like home.

Just as she was finally beginning to settle and discover where her ship was she was taken to Arcadia. What seemed only a month on the station was in fact over two centuries for her. Of course, when she returned by falling out of a cleaning cupboard she was back at square one. Not remembering who her friends are or in fact the mess she had left behind. It's time for her to begin rebuilding her life, this time as Adley Traze the Scavenger.

After spending some time on Wayfinder, Adley finds herself called back to the family once more. Leaving for business only a select special few know her whereabouts before alerting the Blood Bucket of the crash on Yanzao within the Xiva-Tau Nebula. It seems her life is far away from the bar fights and drunken adventures as she finds herself building a home for the family and others upon Yanzao.


4087: Born on the junk salvage ship Big Berta.

4103: Gets her own salvage ship The Little Tucker.

4112: Loses her left forearm in a bar fight. (rumored)

4116: Moves to Wayward Station - The Morass.

4118: Taken to Arcadia. After a month she returns, though it is a month for the station it is a lot longer for her.

4118: Spends a few months on the Wayfinder station but then is called away on business.

4118: Scavenger Flotilla escapes through Hellsgate and crash land on Yanzao, Xiva-Tau Nebula. Letting Ehroth handle the negotiations she spends her time getting a city established.



- Scavenger

- Granddaughter of MawMaw.

- Heir to the Scavenger family.

- Cybernetic left arm from hand to elbow

- Hot tempered

- Drinker

- Bar Fighter

- Curses like a sailor

- Attitude problem

- Fiercely Loyal

- Married to The Dragon.


- The Little Tucker (Whereabouts Unknown)

Sockets first and the only ship she has ever called her own. Growing up she helped get the old salvage ship back up to scratch even rewiring the whole technical system herself. It is clear from the outside that the ship is made up of bits of scrap metal. Many features showcasing different shape designs. A true scavenger ship. Despite its age, Little Tucker has proven it is still capable of functioning.

Inside showcases just as much as the outside. A melding of different ships and systems. Some even adapted so much that they are unrecognizable. Socket has made sure her ship systems are unique in the fact she designed many of it herself. There is absolutely no luxury inside the ship and despite the scattering of junk, there is a comfortable home feel to the inside.

Thanks to some of the folks on the Wayfinder Station, Tucker had been brought back, though missing most of the pieces. Having built it herself it didn't take her long to get him up and functioning again. Who needs new shit when the old shit still works? Now all ready to go Adley is once again traveling the stars with her very own ship, now with the addition of a dragon aboard.



- She may not be able to walk straight but she can still bloody punch.

- There is more alcohol in her system then there is blood.

- Never mess with a Scavenger you'll end up having to deal with the whole family.

- Keep everything nailed down.

- There is a husband somewhere... supposedly.

- Somehow she danced with a dragon and lived to tell the tale.

- She wants to collect babies for the Intergalactic Baby Racing Association, which may or may not exist.

- She doesn't have a drinking problem. She drinks, she gets drunk, she falls over, no problem!

- Socket is 99.2% alcohol.

- Sober Socket is a myth.

- Security doesn't bother breathalyzing her anymore, it costs them too much in replacements.

- A small ship girl living in a lonely world.

- She's a Werewolf. Too angry to be anything else, Obviously.

- Ehroth is only the second biggest guy she has ever seen, next to that really tall guy.

- Ever since that mage with two colored eyes showed up, those two have been acting weird...They must be up to something...

- It's not that she enjoys drinking. She's been claimed by a spirit of alcoholism.

- What the hell is that fluffy thing sticking out of her back?

- What the hell are THOSE on her head?

- What sound did she just make????

- Wait... purring?

- She should really wash those hands of hers.

- She has detailed maps of the ventilation systems on the station

- She can actually spell, she just prefers to make people read and write for her. Lazy fox.

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"I have never seen anyone more adept at handling any equipment put in their hands." - Nightstone

"Best drinking buddy ever. She can keep up with me, regardless of how much I down, and she's always a delight. Bit of a pain in the butt, but what else do you expect from a good friend?" - Ehroth

"Wait, someone can keep up with Ehroth?" - Axion

"Brave, smart and strong! Socket is good friend to have in bad situation. Iskra much happy to work with her." - Iskra

"Her skill in salvaging is useful however that's not why I keep her around. When she hears the call of the void she runs towards it not away. That's a quality you can't buy, though I'm going to try." - Magnus

"Who the hell are these people?" - Adley

"Though she be but little,she is Fierce!!"- Aleck Hawthorne

"Forever." - Ehroth

"I will get the spray bottle..." - Axion


"I have two mothers. She is one." - Nova

"Though I may be a Captain in my own right now, she is still the Captain of my heart, and always will be." - Ehroth

"It is cruel to spread rumors about your friends." - Fabien

"She is... Umm... Delightful..." - Pixie

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Player: Kate Wadey

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