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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Adrestia ("Addie") Katergaris, aka Plays with Fire

Notable Traits: ER Trauma Surgeon, Appearance is late 40's early 50's, Known to be one of the oldest kinfolk "Bitten", Co-Founder of the Harano Treehouse. Mother of 6 (4 became Garou and 2 not yet turned)

  • Named a Paragon of Bayou's Blessing by Sept Alpha, Trash Cyclone (January 16, 2018)

Rank: Fostern

Pack: Stone Heart

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Bayou's Blessing (By accident)

"I've been putting the FUN in dysfunctional since 2010!" - Addie


By the time she was halfway through high school, well past the age that her mother, siblings and cousins had experienced their first change, Addie had accepted her role in Garou society would be that of a kinfolk, valued for certain purposes and needs, straddling the world of sheltered human's and Gaia's chosen. In many people, such limitations can nurture resentment, dark thoughts and create an opening for the Wyrm to infiltrate the soul.

Instead, Addie became a Doctor as a path to personal fulfillment and a way to support the tribe of her ancestors. This focus comes with a personal cost. Some conservatives and traditionalists say that her children suffered from maternal neglect but, to Addie it was a logical approach. She had the children, each by different fathers - enthusiastically chosen by Addie for various qualities, and then others were given the joy of raising them. While her family may have suffered, Addie's skills as a Doctor saved numerous others from the pain of loss and grief.

While her sisters and childhood playmates were defending Gaia in massive battles, fighting side-by-side with other Garou tribes, Addie became a formidable trauma surgeon. More than one Garou walking today owes their existence to Adrestia's efforts to keep a heart beating until a Garou with healing gifts could be found.

Fate intervened in Fall 2014. Bitten, details of the events around Addie's change remain a sensitive topic, because of the trauma involved (Details still to be fleshed out) and due to the negative reaction that some natural Garou have displayed. While born under the light of a Galliard moon, there is little doubt that her Auspice-by-bite is Ragabash. The kindest theory is that the Bite finally allowed Addie to embrace everything that Gaia meant her to be, that as kinfolk she was only walking through the motions of living.

One thing is certain, the stubborn streak she demonstrated in the past has only strengthened. Addie now openly questions, pokes and prods and asks the uncomfortable questions that a Ragabash should. More than once her defiance of set standards and expectations has resulted in heated exchanges, short skirmishes and the need to self-medicate from time to time.

In October, Addie provoked Ember Fannon, a member of the Auspice Council of the Sept of Hidden Springs, to attack her over the body of Jason Rkyr. Bat intervened. Since Rykr's death, Addie has taken to wearing his hat. His death and Gerard's - a kinfolk - *greatly* affected Plays-with-Fire, driving her into advanced stages of Harano, only recently put aside.

Most recently, Addie stole the cearn seed of Bayou's Rage and with the aid of a small group of other Garou, moved it where rites where conducted to establish the Sept of Bayou's Blessing.

Rumors & Quotes


  • "If Addie asks if she can borrow your lighter, just know you won't be getting it back."
  • "She ragabashed so hard, she ragabashed herself." - Some Galliard about something she did at some point and some place
  • "Valued member of Team Sass. I am always willing to sit and bitch with her, especially if it's about Rykr." - Cassie Mavros-Ruiz
  • "Addie, will you be my packmate?" - Choden
  • "She knows what she is doing, god forbid we actually listen! I prefer living, so I guess that means learning and listening." - Aria Homes
  • "I hope she appreciates the effort crafting this story is going to take." - Shoulder's the Burden
  • "Even though she's like, a Black Fury or whatever, she's still totally a Fera." - Jacob Rayne

Things Addie was heard to say:

  • "Save the Wine!"
  • "I was prepared to ruin my pedicure to save him."
  • "They never look up. They never look down. They never look out." Pause. "This will be a teaching moment."
  • "I like wearing this hat. It helps me channel my inner Rykr."

Character Ties

[Actively looking for connections.]

Eldest Son: Gobhniu's Hammer, Fianna Adren, Former Alpha - Sept of the Hidden Springs

Daughter: Soothes the Storms Black Fury Fostern, Theurge - Warder, Sept of Oak Vale

Some ideas: Does your PC need a mom? I have 4 open slots. Are you interested in the soap opera potential of being a father and only finding out about it years later? Did your packmate/kinfolk die or was saved by Addie? Was Addie acting as midwife when you were born?

Shoulder's the Burden - in 1999 was a surgery patient of Addies.


Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash

This House is on Fire - AC/DC

Burn - Postmodern Jukebox

Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon

Die another Day - Madonna

Word Crimes - Weird Al

OOC Information

Player: Kelley Barnes

Player Email:

Storyteller: John Decker Pool

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Location: Austin, Texas