Adrian "Doc" Benton

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Commonly Known Information

Sabbat Logo Black.png

Notable Traits: ​Adrian has a penchant for dressing in different ways at a whim and amber colored eyes.

Society: ​Sabbat

Clan: ​Tzimisce

Faction: Moderates, Exsanguinists

Pack: Misfit Toys

Tzimisce Symbol.png


what most people have pieced together is that Adrian was born within the last century. his manner of speaking is articulate and deviates from regional dialects, which makes some think he either traveled a great deal or was born elsewhere. he has a talent for medical procedures which he blends with his own style of "art." piercings, tattoos and the sort of body modifications found in some subcultures that make one look inhuman.


  • Initiated
  • Anointed
  • Ordained


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OOC Information

PC Connections always looking for allies, rivals, family and similar for background purposes.

Player: ​Jeramiah Desautels

Player Email: ​

Storyteller: ​CB

Storyteller Email: ​ ​

Location: MA-005-D