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Name: Adrian Falk

Clan: Toreador

Sect: Camarilla

City: San Antonio, TX

Bio: Adrian is fiercely loyal to the Camarilla, and to the legacy of Elder Narses. He spends most of his time devoting himself to cartography, map-making, although recent months have seen him branching out into new areas of interest. He only fights when necessary, and if he pledges his protection to you, you can rest easy knowing you are well defended.




  • Elder Narses Great-Great-Grandsire
    • Osvif "The Walleye" Skorrisson Great-Grandsire
      • Lady Damia Grandsire
        • David Hamilton Sire

Known Childer

  • Clementine Childer

Public History

  • 1904: first seen in San Antonio as a Ghoul for Elder Narses
  • 1924: After completing the rigorous apprenticeship, Adrian is welcomed into the Farmand Lineage. He is embraced by Davis Hamilton at Elder Narses' request.
  • 1952: He embraces His only Childe, Clementine, after she completes the Farmand apprenticeship.
  • 2002: Adrian Falk watches over Elder Narses after retreating from the Spanish Governor's Palace.
  • 2018: After nearly a century of service, Adrian is given control over Elder Narses' estate as the ancient vampire returns to his slumber.



  • "In a brief chat, he seemed sensible and reasonable. Extremely rare qualities. Curious to see what he does with them." - Liam Dunsirn, Hatchet of San Antonio
  • "I know the Toreador were practically created to Setite influence, but Adrian is such a delightful companion, one almost forgets he's a member of Tower!" Djeserit al Malik, Doyen of Houston
  • "Adrian sure seems like he is ready to lay down a party pretty fast. He seems tense and eager to let go when we were talking." - Trip Line
  • "He says there are no hard feelings. I have been a member of the Tower long enough to know that rarely is that the case. I guess we shall see." - Richard Taylor
  • "Adrian makes a great keeper and Glad to have him in my city" - Mad Dog Jack
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OOC Information

Player name: Phill Cava-Peltan
MES #: US2016040062
Domain: San Antonio, TX