Adrian Munrow

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Sect-Camarilla.png Caitiff Symbol.png
Name:Adrian Munrow
Clan & Sect:Caitiff, Camarilla
Domain:Vancouver, BC
Fleeting Status:Favored, by Elder Silence Weaver

    A street kid from a Boston Irish family, Adrian grew up inseparable from his older brother. They survived among the back alleys and made the best of the hand fate dealt them, always having each other's backs. When his brother went missing, Adrian began his decades long search that led him to being Ghouled, and Embraced, but still no closer to his lost family.

    With the odd mix of disciplines his Caitiff existence affords, his years of detective skills to rely on, and a drive to earn respect when none is given freely; he forges ahead to try and regain what he lost, and build something new at the same time.
"Though I keep searchin' for an answer, I never seem to find what I'm lookin' for.

Oh Lord, I pray you give me strength to carry on.
'Cause I know what it means, to walk along the lonely street of dreams."

- White Snake
Further Information
Notable Traits
    • Lesser Status Ban (Caitiff)
    • Some manner of Necromantic power
    • Some kind of Thaumaturge
Known History
    • 1948 - Born in Boston
    • 1976 - Moved to New York
    • 1985 - Ghouled, while investigating his brother's disappearance
    • 1990 - Embraced in California by his Domitor, subsequently disowned and released
    • 2019 - A chance encounter with someone who recognized his brother's photo sends him to Vancouver, BC
    • 2019 - Acknowledged by then Prince Phoebe Gwydion and then Prince Covington-Lockwood, and sent to reside in the Barrens.
    • What have you heard?
    • "Add your quote." - Author