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We are beholden to no one but ourselves. That is the quintessence of freedom. Without that foundation, there is nothing upon which to build.


Commonly Known Information

Name: Adyton

Notable Traits: Skin resembling slate. Jet black hair with a shock of white. Hair and beard peppered with feathers. Huge black feathered wings. Talons for feet. Several scars/cracks across body. Speaks with a gruff Russian accent.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Gargoyle


Adyton was created by the Tremere sometime before the formation of the Camarilla. He does not know the year he was made. He fought alongside other Gargoyles in open revolt, claiming his freedom.

Since then, Adyton has not been seen very often. He has spent most of his time helping freed Gargoyles find their place in the world.


  • 11??—14??: Created somewhere in Eastern Europe.
  • 1467: Gargoyles begin to revolt. Clan Tremere's base of operations is damaged and the Warlocks relocate.
  • 1497: Gargoyle slaves are freed by their Tremere masters. Adyton takes young Gargoyles under his wing.
  • Early 1900's: Adyon is first spotted in the Southern United States.
  • Late 1970's: Adyton serves as the unofficial Sheriff of Southwest Florida.
  • 2016: The Prince of Southwest Florida is killed at the hands of Anarchs. The rumor is that the Prince went mad and started murdering young Kindred in Elysium. Adyton was not present at the time.
  • 2019: The Gargoyles are accepted into the Camarilla as a pillar clan–albeit as a bloodline of the Gangrel. Adyton joins his clan mates in solidarity.


  • Adyton is still secretly a slave to his Tremere creator.
  • He is a member of The Foundation.
  • He has friends among the Anarchs and the Sabbat.

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From Others

  • "He is first in my family, therefore I respect him. He has shown his prowess, therefore I respect him. He is a staunch ally, therefore I accept him." -Apocryphus
  • "We have chosen to walk different paths and yet our purpose remains the same. I look forward to the day when we are united once again." -Atrox
  • "Its appearance in my presence felt like... a reckoning. And yet, I could swear I saw its features pained from having to reluctantly agree with my words. Interesting, is it not? After all, if all the sins of all the fathers must befall on their descendants, what may remain of the world once all these sins are eradicated?" -Thaddeus Moreau
  • "I once watched him extract a major boon from someone just for letting them look down his trousers. Maybe when he's accomplished his mission, he'll be open to exploring other mysteries." -Sokar
  • "“I could ask for no greater Elder then he.” Enyo
  • "“He is wise, beyond years that are mine. Best to follow his words, if you seek the right way.” Thaddeus_Clay

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On Gargoyles

  • If he wants killed so be it. We protect each other from outside attacks; not from own mistakes."
  • “I owe you nothing, and you owe me same in return."
  • "Ferox knows what he is about."
  • "Someone committed injustice grave enough that I removed them from this world. They are gone now, and you remain in their place. Is not my place to name you; you must choose who you are to become."
  • “We are all of the same blood. The blood usurped from the Warlocks’ victims."

On the Camarilla

  • "Camarilla does not free us because they felt we had been wronged. They feared the Tremere, cowards that they are. Were afraid of what would happen if Tremere turn us against rest of Camarilla. Cowards, but not fools."
  • "Camarilla should be standing astride world like colossus! Instead, they truck with devils and cower in darkness."

On the Independent Alliance

  • "We should be friends."

On the Tremere

  • "None of them have pure souls because that would require a soul to begin with."
  • "There is common cause to most of the Camarilla's woes. This cause is filth known as Tremere."

On the Gangrel

  • "They should know better. Their memories are short."

On The Infernal

  • "Nothing defines us. Who and what we are is for us, alone, to determine. Will be whatever we want to be, except for slaves. Make no mistake about this: making deals with denizens of hell, be they Tremere or infernal demons, results in nothing less than eternal slavery. I saw many of us die in revolution, and saw many Usurpers fall as well. I know each of those foul Warlocks now endures torture forever, while our brothers and sisters died free."


  • "Now I get to tell everyone Ambassador of 'Mount Olympus' paid major boon to see my balls."
  • "We could be prettiest girl at dance."

OOC Information

Player: Edward Seibert

Player Email:

Storyteller: Troy Lees

Storyteller Email:

CvC Info

Check out my player page for CvC hijinks. Especially interested in rivalries with Tremere elders and their allies. If you play a young Tremere and want in on the fun, let me know and I can hook you up with younger Gargoyles to mix it up with. We look spooky but we're really nice.

Location: FL-046 Fort Myers, FL