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Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
Class: Neonate
Player: Peter G.
Diocese: Essex County, MA
VST: Matt B.


Notable Traits

  • Genderless
  • Soft-spoken
  • General lack of tact
  • Appears to be wearing a cardigan over a black snake leather jumpsuit (but isn't, of course)
  • Obviously heavily modified with vicissitude
  • Missing all traces of genitals and hair
  • Covered in black and silver scales
  • Webbed feet and several retractile fins
  • Speech doesn't always match mouth movement, and seems to come from the neck rather than the mouth
  • Thickness of scales around the head and hands varies from night to night
  • Inflatable throat sac

Status Traits


  • Initiated as a True Sabbat.


  • none


History: Timeline

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  • Immediately prior to its Embrace, it was turned inside-out; it spent all of its time as a False Sabbat attempting to reverse the damage, and wouldn't succeed until years later.
  • It prefers being underwater.
  • It regularly consorts with merfolk.
  • Its Haven is filled with octopuses and/or creatures resembling octopuses.
  • It has some sort of grudge with an extraplanar entity.
  • It is as adept with Thaumaturgy as is physically possible for a Tzimisce to be without becoming a Koldun.
  • Its Sire is a Koldun.
  • It frequently tests torture methods on itself and takes notes.
  • It has somehow managed to reanimate a tiny skeleton.
  • It has attempted to teach an Octopus to drive a car.

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Allies, Associates, and Enemies


To Aeshna

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About Aeshna

  • "Aeshna is... unique. Strange, certainly. I can't say I enjoyed everything about my time as False Sabbat, but we were a good fit for each other." - Calix

By Aeshna

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