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Name: Agnese Giovanni di Calderari, pronounced ann-YAY-seh jo-Vanni
Aliases: The Eternal Matron, Grandmother, The Pale Lady, The Lady of Winter, Agnes, Aggie, Nessie
Clan: Giovanni
Generation: Master Elder
Sect: Independent Alliance

Lineage: Il Calderari
Grandchilde of Luna Giovanni
Childe of Alessandro Giovanni di Calderari

Notable Traits:
Personal Masquerade
Typically wears Victorian-era mourning clothes
Almost always wears stylish hats and conservative head coverings
Is often seen carrying an antique camera around

Title or Position:
Dona of Liberty
Doyen of the East Kansas City Metro

April 25, 1338 - Born to a patrician Giovanni family in Venice
1370 - Proxy Kiss. Becomes the ghoul of Premascine Elder Niccolo Giovanni
1395 - Transferred to Elder Luna Giovanni
April 4, 1463 - Embraced by Alessandro Giovanni di Calderari, childe of Luna Giovanni
1510 - a conflict in Alexandria, Egypt with the Lamia known as Amara leaves her in torpor. Makes Vittorio Giovanni her ghoul
October, 1518 - Embraces Vittorio Giovanni di Calderari
1524 - brings Lorenzo Giovanni into service as her ghoul
April 4, 1527 - Embraces Lorenzo Giovanni di Calderari
1528 - Present at the Promise of 1528
1541 - completes her manuscript Pyramidum Steganographi
1555 - gives the Proxy Kiss to her descendant Paolo Giovanni di Calderari
April 4, 1559 - Embraces Paolo Giovanni di Calderari
April 4, 1560 - Embraces Baldassare "l'Osservatore" Giovanni di Calderari
April 4, 1563 - Embraces Nonna Giovanni di Calderari at the scandalous conclusion of a selection contest
1565 - completes her manuscript Difesa della Razionalità Femminile
1580 - completes her manuscript Navigazione nel Panorama dei Fantasmi
1600 - moves to Sicily
1639 - completes her manuscript Passioni e Sogni di Irrequieto
1650 - relocates to Spain
1694 - completes her manuscript Un Siglo de Expediciones a la Tierra de los Muertos
1700 - moves to colonial Havana, Cuba. Her sire orders her to abandon the Path of Humanity
1750 - relocates to New Orleans
1821 - moves to St. Louis
1854 - relocates to Kansas City, acquires territory and establishes a Giovanni stronghold in the town of Liberty
1910s - Embraces Marcella Giovanni di Calderari
1920 - with her grandchilde Raphael Augustinare Giovanni di Calderari, she establishes the Elmwood Laboratory in Kansas City
1950 - begins service as the Giovanni Emissary to the Camarilla court of Kansas City
1999 - the Red Star appears in the sky, she spends a great deal of the next decade in torpor
2010 - Mages close down the core of Kansas City after the Battle of the Paseo Bridge between the Sabbat and the Camarilla. Elmwood Laboratory is cut off
2011 - Present at the creation of the Independent Alliance between the Giovanni and the Followers of Set in Las Vegas, becomes Virago of Liberty
2013 - A witness at the signing of the peace accords between the Tower in Omaha and the Anarchs in Council Bluffs
2018 - Accepts the transfer of the ghoul Patrick Puttanesca, completes her manuscript The Poetics of Death, becomes Dona and Doyen of Liberty
2019 - There was an inquest into the disappearance of her sire, but she was determined to be not responsible.

"The camera is an eye with no mind and no heart. It sees things as they truly exist in the light. These boxes can see through Obfuscation, can see everything the mind filters, untouched by the haze of memory, and observes without emotion." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
"Love is only a weakness if you fear its loss and absence." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
"Greatness doesn't come from talent or accomplishments or control. Greatness comes from pain." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
"Good! At least someone isn’t completely unlearned." - Augustus Giovanni
"Il mio tesoro. She possesses more grace, cunning, and resourcefulness than any man I have ever encountered. Or will encounter." - Alessandro Giovanni di Calderari
"What you perceive of my grandmother is like one of her photographs, static and haunting. The negative, her soul, has detail and wonder and mysteries you are not fit to see." - Lucrezia Giovanni di Calderari
"The only mother I remember or cared to have.” - Lorenzo Giovanni di Calderari
"Oh, she is exactly what you're told to not mess with. Strength and danger, rolled up into an impassive mask. She is the fire that will turn me to ash." - Jacob Black
"She possesses a determination that is inexorable. When her mind is set, she will work to move the Heavens and the earth to make it happen. If it cannot be made to happen... you will meet the earth and shortly thereafter, the Heavens." - Diego Amador
"Only when you stand in front of her camera do you understand the true meaning of love." - Nonna
"Clearly, this Elder has experienced a great many things and she is probably ten moves ahead of my next thought; yet she still allows my presence. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or terrified." - Clyde Hudson
"A steady hand, rational mind; quill and ink can topple empires with the slightest of pen flourishes." - Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni
"The Calderari siblings. Yes... Do not think that just because her brother was Embraced first, that he is the one with the greatest power. Underestimate her intellect and you may experience first hand what our Family seeks to master." - Saul Rothstein
"She recorded a boon transfer for me once, and handled it quickly and professionally. I respect her dedication to performing her duty and performing it well." - Sir Koskinen
"Touch her and I will kill you. Twice." - Uncle Paolo
"She is proof that the old ways still hold great use. A fine reminder for the younger members of La Famiglia." - Dante Niccolo Cesare Giovanni
"Lady Agnese is a refreshing chill within the heat of the moment. I dearly hope that I might enjoy her presence once more." - Aelfi Utgardson
"A charming lady with a proclivity for speaking in riddles. I suspect it to keep the foolish and the stupid from speaking to her." - Lord Simon Kensington
"A pillar of the Independent Alliance and a singularly frightening woman whose very presence chills me to my core. I deeply enjoy her company. - Francois LeGuerrier
"She who learns must also suffer. Even in sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own contempt, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God." - Dante Fausto Giovanni
"A shared glance and momentary whisper will leave you abandoned somewhere between hope and despair. What would I do to be your tragedy? If only my thoughts could bring you to break, you would give yourself to me. Words spoken, born of hope, need not apply to you who greets Death with familiarity." - Numerius Villius Cursor
"Her face may look dead, but her eyes are smiling." - Anonymous
"Simultaneously commanding and charming, she is both dangerous and a delight. It is exactly this kind of threatening combination with which I find myself eager to surround myself." - Athanosios Constantinus Giovanni
"She is a calm that holds a storm within her. It is, in fact, her quiet nature that gives her the power to command respect from all those around her. Lock step is the norm with her." - Sofia Giovanni
"I am so happy to have the pleasure of watching her in action. Her resource network is bar none, I hope to see wonderful things." - Vittoria
"She seems super chill. Or is that chilly?" - Seth Gold
"Such a fascinating walking mystery! You may try to unlock her secrets, but are you certain that you're not unlocking Pandora's box?." - Skylar Cayce
"If you take the time to listen carefully, you'll find there's always something new to learn when conversing with her. I look forward to seeing what lessons the future holds" - Marcus Giovanni
"Add a quote." - You

Agnese created a camera that can document the Shadowlands.
In her mortal life, this Elder Giovanni was married five times and many of her descendants earned the Kiss.
Her favorite child was one she did not give birth to.
Agnese is addicted to drugs, particularly opium.
She keeps a pet monster under her bed.
Her sire once punished her by forbidding her to Embrace for 300 years after she defied him.
The Pale Lady gazed into the Abyss and fell in love with it.
Agnese established a sizeable research network spanning the nation and has been known to draw large numbers for her research projects.
Crossing this woman is bad news. She attacks from unexpected directions with detached efficiency.
Monsters call her Mother.
Her next manuscript will be on the language of the lines created upon the soul by Amaranthe.
Her modern day translator has convinced her that cell phones could work in the Shadowlands.
Agnese writes poetry as one outlet for her emotions.
In a recent tarot reading by a famous mystic, Agnese’s personal card drawn was the Ace of Cups.
One of her favorite cameras went missing from the Founder’s Ball in Memphis.

Diego Amador - the Shadow and the Shade
Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni - research cohort
Jacob Black - business associate
Erasmus Laskaris - research partner
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Agnese Giovanni di Calderari

Domain: Kansas City
Player: Melissa E.
VST: Bryan Ellis
MES Number: US2002021504
Location: Kansas City, MO
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