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Character Information -- Player information is here

Name: Agnieszka

Clan: Telyav

Lineage: Lost

Pack: Noctem Ignes

Position: Priest

Faction: Loyalist


  • Initiated
  • Ordained
  • Loyal
  • Battle-Scarred
  • Loyalist

Allies, Mentors, and Enemies

  • Noctem Ignis
    • Ductus: Montana Solano
    • Lailah Jennings
    • August Ceridian
    • Caleb Sharps
    • Lux
  • Vox Umbra
  • Dumah
  • Beau Harris
  • Savannah Pagot


  • Sire: Ciaran -- Missing
  • Broodmates: Shaman
  • Childer: None

Bragging Rights

  • Joined a war pack in Tampa to deal with the Succubus Club, discovered a dark secret
  • Ultra-cons either love her or hate her


  • Hates the Tremere, but fears an elder named Seamus more than anything
  • Believes the Telyav are a Tzimisce bloodline
  • Thinks she's actually Salubri
  • Was referred to as Vox's favorite Tremere while in Tampa. Do we even want to know what she did to be called such?
  • Doesn't stay in one place for fear of the Camarilla Tremere
  • Another pack is currently trying to poach this Priest
  • Some Salubri have told her she is the last Tremere to die


  • "Please add one!" - Name

Her Words

  • "I'm talking to you though, Uncle Constantin!"
  • "Look, not to get schoolyard but he hit first! Yes, it's childish but I believe in fighting on my opponent's level."