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Sword of Caine
Crescent Moon

Name: Ahota
Clan: Crusader
City: Flagstaff, AZ
Pack: Redacted
Initiated As a True Sabbat

  • Creepy dude looks
  • On Path Redacted

Title or Positon: Redacted

Known by the Sabbat:

Pack Mates


  • Redacted
  • Redacted.
  • Redacted
  • Redacted
  • Redacted

Known by the Black Hand

  • Ahota is known for putting together teams of Cainites that are devastatingly effective on their given missions. He is also known for being a Cainite that can put Agents and assets in positions where they can be the most effective. Beyond his efficacy in the role of Consul, there exists many rumors around him from the mundane to the outlandish. Some older members of the order whispering tales of him enslaving an entire Tribe of Native Americans, to the rumors of him losing himself to his baser urges and slaughtering entire groups of Vampires in the past. Whatever the truth, he is calm and steady by all outward appearance in the modern nights. His actions guided by his path, and his absolute devotion to the Hand and its mission.

Known by the Ventrue:

  • Ahota is most widely known among the Ventrue for the crime of patricide committed in nights long forgotten. Since those nights, he has established himself among the Crusaders as a dangerous and formidable Cainite. Even to those outside of the Crusaders, his actions have earned him no small amount of attention and Dignitas. Though he has never shown any care for other members of his Clan, only those of his Bloodline, it is widely known that he still adheres to the "Laws of Decorum" so long as they are observed by all parties. Rumors persist that only one Ventrue has ever dared break the Laws in his presence, and since that time has been unable to speak when in the presence of any other Ventrue. This hold on tradition brings many to question his true age, but none are willing to openly speculate.





  • Redacted

Out of Character Information

Player: Michael Day

MES #: US2002023926

Player Email: Michael D

ST Email: Brian Lee Briggs

Location: Phoenix, AZ