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Commonly Known Information

Name: Aida Young
Notable Traits: Aida looks like a hybrid of a human and a gnoll, complete with stifle/hock leg anatomy and splotches of striped hyena fur. When not among Cainites of the Sabbat, she prefers to take the form of a bird to travel undetected. While fighting she takes the form of a striped hyena. No matter what form she takes she always has spots where she is missing fur or feathers -- in particular there are two handprint shaped splotches of raw skin around her eyes that formed during the Embrace.
Society: Sabbat (Orthodox); Pack Priest of Jagged Shadows
Clan: Nosferatu Antitribu
Known Merits/Flaws: Pliable Blood (Protean), Efficient Learner, Grip of the Damned


Aida is a deeply spiritual Nosferatu who blends her secular Hebrew upbringing with her human faith of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and her Cainite faith in Caine as found in the Book of Nod. Born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, Aida used to joke about being a “Mountain Mama” but the truth is life was difficult growing up and living off the land; it cost her parents everything to move to Arizona so that she could attend ASU.

1977 - Born in West Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains
2002 - Embraced near ASU campus as part of the assault against the Camarilla; her sire did take a few weeks before embracing her -- his hope was that she would bring new insight to the Sabbat regarding how to survive and remain Sabbat in the modern age of hunters and technology
2003 - True Sabbat earned during the efforts to take Prescott and Flagstaff
2003 - Diablerized a Camarilla Gangrel during the assault on Flagstaff
2003 to 2009 - The Sabbat takes heavy losses to hunters and engages in sporadic direct conflicts with other Cainites; Aida’s sire is destroyed; Aida assists the Sword wherever possible by learning about the Hunters and their ways
2004 - Was the first time Aida really felt settled into a place since being Embraced, settling into some abandoned mines near Prescott To date Aida has not Sired any Childer

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Player: Gary H US2002022028

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Storyteller: Bryan Lee Briggs

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Location: Dead Man's Hand