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Firestorm Logo.png
"The Firestorm" Aidan Storm

Tale of the Tape:

Ring Name: "The Firestorm" Aidan Storm

Government: Peter Rourke

Billed From: Buffalo, NY

Weight: 237 lbs

Height: 6'2"

Entrance Music: This Fire Burns Brightest

Notable Traits:

  • Background: Fame 5, World-Class Professional Wrestler (USA-NE-WA-1702-037335)
    • WWE Superstar "The Firestorm" Aidan Storm
  • Signature long auburn hair with a blonde streak

Sept: Sept of the Burning Heart, Buffalo, NY

From Parts Unknown:

Some people think that Aidan Storm is a flash in the pan, a kid new on the scene getting hot-shotted to the main event. It can certainly seem that way to the casual observer of Professional Wrestling, for whom World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the end all be all of the medium. Still, some know how he toiled, going half way around the world to hone his craft and produce one of the most electrifying sports entertainers working in the business today.

Today he is one of the best in the world at what he does both inside and out of the ring. When not keeping up an aggressive schedule as part of the WWE, he takes advantage of his unique skill set and teaches cubs and kinfolk alike the martial arts in his dojo in Mount Morris, NY.


  • 1981 – Peter Rourke is born to a kinfolk family in the Irish section of Buffalo, NY.
  • 1987 – On March 29th, Vince McMahon's Wrestlemania III takes place in the Pontiac Silverdome. A then six-year-old Peter is enamored by the spectacle and the athleticism. People will talk for years about Hogan vs Andre the Giant, but he already knew how good Ricky Steamboat and Macho Man Randy Savage was and how it stole the show.
  • 1993 – Peter starts an amateur wrestling career in school on the JV Team.
  • 1995 – A high-school freshman, Peter starts wrestling at the varsity level and is remarkably good for someone so young.
  • 1996 – Backyard wrestling starts to take up more of his time. He is able to split his focus at first but eventually turns his back on varsity wrestling.
  • 1997 – Peter Rourke graduates from backyard wrestling to working with a local indy wrestling company. He takes the name Adrian Wolfe. He also becomes heavily involved with tape-trading and becomes aware of Japanese Wrestling.
On January 4th, 2010, Aidan was in the second-to-last match of the Tokyo Dome show (Wrestle Kingdom), garnering worldwide attention
  • 1999 – After graduating from high school, Peter uses his graduation money for a one-way ticket to Tokyo where he tries out for the New Japan dojo. He spends two years training before he wrestles as a Young Lion for the organization. (DPotM Submission Number: 2017-03-WtA-6769-012)
  • 2002 – Following a successful tour as a Young Lion, he goes on excursion to Mexico, wrestling in CMLL for over a year.
  • 2004 – Peter returns to Japan and joins the NJPW roster under his new ring name, “The Firestorm” Aidan Storm.
  • 2006 – As the Age of Apocalypse grows more dire, Peter contacts his family and sept back home and is told to continue his work and, where possible, report as to how things fair in the Far East.
  • 2010 – Aidan continues to grow in popularity and stature in Japan. He begins to get noticed by American companies who entice him to leave Japan. He forgoes this for a time as he feels he's not done with Japan.
  • 2013 – Aidan returns to the United States, joining World Wrestling Entertainment as a mid-card performer.
  • 2014 – Aidan settles in Mt Morris, NY as his hometown when he's not working, settling into the Sept of the Burning Heart
  • 2015 – Aidan begins working with other kinfolk and cubs, passing on his fighting and athletic prowess in the Storm Dojo.
  • 2016 – Aidan is elevated to the top of the card.

News from the Dirtsheets:

  • Aidan had a Kitsune paramour while he was in Japan.
    • Their heartbreak is the real reason he finally accepted the offer to return to the United States.
    • They have two children
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Stablemates and Rivals:

  • Isla Inflicts-Inflection - "Eyes is a great woman and a better friend. I can't wait to see how she is when she gets up to speed on the whole Garou thing."
  • Nizhoni Ward - "I love my fans. Especially ones that can keep me healthy and on the road the way Nizhoni does."
  • Aiden D'Arcy - "An amazing mentor. He might be the biggest reason I want to break the Samhain Princess's curse."
  • Chef Roman 'Nico' Nicolaev - "I love his work, and I can't wait for the next opportunity I get to be on one of his shows again."
  • Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa - "One heck of a guy, even my sister thinks so."
  • Valda Hartmann - "My legal eagle. I wouldn't know what I'd do without her."
  • Phalen Coffcrow - "A quick study, and a stalwart ally."

Promos Cut:

  • "Show me a cub who looks down his nose at training with kin, and I'll show you a cub I can tap out."

Promos Cut Upon:

  • Peter, has been an unlikely teacher for me. I first happened upon him at a publicity event to promote his stint in the WWE in 2013. Even after discovering that he was a fellow kinfolk, I thought that our worlds were to different to overlap. Despite that, Peter got right in my face and challenged me to come train with him when he settled down. Part of me scoffed at the idea but the man had such a about him. When he remembered me a couple years later, I took him up on the training. Those were some of the most physically and emotionally grueling six months of my life. I thought for certain he'd kick me out, hell I thought about walking almost nightly. Peter was hard but fair and surprisingly even tempered. He imparted something to me during that time; that I could be a physical part of my sept and tribe in a way that made me more than some avatar on the web. I'll always be grateful to him for that. Now I look forward to my return trips to the dojo and the subsequent lessons on the mat. - Catalin Corbeanu
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OOC Information

Player: Brian M. Gang

Player Email: Email Brian

Storyteller: Kris Pitman

Storyteller Email: Email Kris

Location: NY-012 D, Buffalo, NY