Aiden D'Arcy

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Aiden D'Arcy

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Aliases: Impulse Control
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Fianna
Society:Sanctum of Gaia
Pack: None
Sept: The Fallen Green
Titles:: Elder, Fool


Aiden is a tall, lanky, young man, with short brown hair, and browns eyes that have seen a lot more than his youthful 30 something appearance would make you believe. He would fit in almost anyplace, it's the time period that might be wrong.


A hard drinking, hard living, some would say insane risk taker, Aidan hs the fiery temper of the Irish, and the dark nature of the Fae.


Known Information

A member of the Sept at Silver Tara until shortly after the battle there at the turn of the millennium. Aiden has been bouncing around the US, hunting the Wyrm. He earned his rank of Adren for his scouting and sniping actions at the Battle of Siamese Ponds. Currently the Fool at the Sept of the Fallen Green in NYC.

Personal History

Born 1810 in Tullamore Ireland, went through his first change in 1825 and was sent to Silver Tara. Bounced around the UK and Europe until the Battle of Silver Tara. Left Ireland in 2002 for the US, then bounced around the US, finally making his home in NYC in 2009. From 2009 on Aiden continued traveling the US never staying in any one place for very long, but always returning to NYC.

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Branches and Knots


Aiden is unaware of any family ties that he might have, other than a cousin he'd rather never see again. On the other hand, he stood with the bridal party at the wedding of Siobhán Ní Chorráin, daughter of the late Queen Mariana ap Ailil, to Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat...


Never one to settle down for long, Aiden has no pack. If he ever did, he isn't telling.






  • He's been around a lot longer then people think
  • He's more Fae then werewolf
  • He has a daughter with Rose Marie Davis
  • Is he somehow related to the Sidhe?


  • "Aiden helped me explore parts of New York I didn't know existed, and I'm pretty sure he's someone I could still call on if I ever had a need. He's seen enough in his time that there is wisdom in his words." - Madison Walsh
  • "Aiden has taught me how to shoot a bow since I could first hold one. I look forward to the day where the student becomes the master, and perhaps even the teacher. We've grown close over the years. I care for him deeply." - Brigid O'Mannion
  • "A charming rouge, and a true friend. I don't know what I would do without him." - Rose Marie Davis
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  • Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel
  • Live Forever by The Band Perry
  • Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney and Wings

Ties Sought

Children, Lovers, Rivals, I've 200 years of history to fill.

Contact Info

Player: Peter C
Domain: NY-004-D
VST: John C

DC: Ilan Norwood