Aiden Gagnon

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Commonly Known

Name: Aiden 'Áed' Gagnon

Notable Traits and Features: Elder Tremere of the Camarilla.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

Lineage: House Saharat

Known History

Aiden was embraced into Clan Tremere.

Knowledge Known to House and Clan


Aiden Gagnon is devoted to House and Clan and has ended many unlives in the service of both.


  • "Áed is my first childe, and as unlike me as one could be - and yet, his sense of loyalty to the Clan has never once been called into question." - Meliora
  • "He has never been afraid to get his hands dirty, as it were." - Meliora
  • "Many of our kind harbor resentments toward their siblings, particularly their elders. Such is not our way. Aiden has my respect, even when I do not have his. He has earned it." - Pascoal
  • "There are men who think and plan. There are men who act. There are men who follow their orders to the letter. My Sire, Áed, is a complimentary mix of all of those. What falls from the ensuing chaos can sometimes be more frightening than what you wish was planned." - Övé Háskell
  • "What comes from the heart is known by the heart, it is said. When what comes from the heart is lies, the heart will also be caused to know chaos." - Tannesh

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  • Aiden was embraced shortly after his sire, on an order from higher ranked members of House and Clan. Neither were pleased by this turn of events, but have since reconciled.
  • Aiden's current obsessions are a direct result of Malkavian "guidance".
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House Lineage

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OOC Information

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