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Name: Aiden Jackson
Rank: Fostern
Deed Name: "working on it"
Age: 25
Current Location: Kansas City
Sept: Sept of Joining Waters

Pack: Chaos Theory


Homid Form: in homid form he had black hair and is tall and lanky. he has some muscle mass but not a lot. Aiden has Green eyes and dexterous fingers. he is witty and loves his crafts and is prideful of his work

Crinos Form: In Crinos Aiden is a tall black beast, though he prefers glabro form he will go into crinos when pushed to it

Lupus Form: Aiden in lupus form takes the form a black timber wolf, not heavily muscled but has a glint of wittyness in his eye




Apoc PC

Player: Nate Graham
Auspice: Thurge
Faction: Concordat of Stars
Domain: KS-020-D Kansas City
VST: Kendra Allen

IC Email: Aiden Jackson

Aiden Lupus.jpg

Character Information


Aiden Jackson is a laid back Fianna who builds and shoots guns for fun. typically he is a calm man but will get serious when he needs to be.


Oh hello, Welcome to my workshop! I am Aiden Jackson Fianna of the Chaos theory Pack. so what can I do for you? oh an interview, okay so what do you want to know? Well I was born in Kansas City, Missouri my father was a Garou my mother was a regular fianna kinfolk, you know kinda generic. When I was 5 years old something happened, mom said I was hit by a car causing me to have a near death experience and that has given me the ability to talk to and see ghosts, which makes my life more interesting.

so I grew up talking to ghost which caused me to be the out cast and the target for bullying for years, I could deal with it until I hit puberty. that is when I started shooting for sport, going to the target range and just unload a clip into a target, there is something therapeutic about that. I knew something was boiling inside of me but didn't know what I thought it was normal. I didn't realize what was happening until after I turned 15. hmm? what happened? well the bullies were being extra abusive that day and something side of me snapped and my mind went blank.

A few moments later I found myself being calmed my now alpha Jason Lynch, who later explained what happened. I got pulled out of school and was home schooled as I learned the ways of the garou. shortly after I first changed I started looking into how guns were built and started building them my self as a hobby to keep my hands busy and keep me calm. My right of passage was something that was kinda simple, I had asked about ghosts because I was seeing them and was confused, so I was tasked to learn all i can about ghosts and wraiths. it wasnt easy but I managed to accomplish it thus becoming a cliath. that is when I approached Jason about joining his pack seeing as he was the first person I met after my first change.

Today I am a fostern and run a small business where I build guns, and am relatively successful. there is a lot more to me then meets the eye but that is for me to know and you to find out

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  • "He'll fuck you up."



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