Aiden O'Flannery

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"He who ends up with the most toys, Wins."

Commonly Known Information

"If vengeance is best served cold, then vampires being coldblooded would have the best vengeance."

Name: Aiden O'Flannery
Notable Traits: Personal Masquerade
Society: Sabbat
Clan: Ventrue
Faction: Order of St Blaise
Pack: Vindicta Memoratum
Position: Ductus


"Let the elders tremble at a revolution. We have nothing to lose but our chains. They have a world to win. Cainites of all countries, unite!"

I was born and I died. I was born into the night and enslaved. I threw off my shackles by killing my jailer and taking his strength.


"Let's be naughty vampire gods..."
  • CEO of Fangs and Fur Productions International a small studio specializing in supernatural adult pictures.
  • Aiden is not actually a vampire, and can be seen around town drinking and eating with starlets and party people.
  • He was born into the Camarilla but finding it lacking, he joined the Sabbat.

OOC Information

Player: Josh DeMott

Player Email:

Storyteller: Walter Holt

Location: Pasadena, TX