Aiya Kodachi

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Name: Aiya Kodachi
Aliases: Tsuki
Deed Name: Kiss of Death, Dances with Blood
Breed: Shinjin
Auspice: Doshi
Species: Shinobi Fox
Tribe: Kitsune
Rank: Fostern
Pack: SquadGoals

Notable Traits:
Aiya is a beautiful combination of the traditions of the old mixed with that of the new. When not with her packmates, often in Sambuhenge form, in clothing that allows for her flexibility and agility. She always has some element of the old country on her possession, usually having two silk bladed fans from her days as a Geisha. Her tails and ears are red in color and her eyes are a beautiful hazel almond shape. Soft and delicate, fluid and direct, Aiya carries the beauty of the cherry blossom within her cheeks, lips as red as the rose, hair as black as the raven, and eyes as blue as the midnight moon.

Title or Position:


May 18, 1768 - Born in Kyoto, Japan.
December 18,1772 - Experience first change under a prolific lunar eclipse in Japan.
January 18, 1785 - Started geisha training in Kyoto.
1785 - 1818 - Complete Geisha Training, by taking her first customer. This was her first meeting with [Cato], a Child of Gaia Storyteller who traveled through the area.
March 24, 1819 - Begin to learn the art of the Assassin in a rural outlands of Osaku, Japan.
1820- 1855 - Completed training and became Master of Assassination.
1860 - 1880 - Became one of the most profitable and desired geisha in all of Osaku.
1910 - 1950 - Working for her father’s company, she used her skills to gather information and remove rivals in Tokyo, Japan.
May 17, 2001 - Discovers the Underground Street Racing Scene through a friend and is hooked.
December 25, 2009 - father met an “untimely” death. Was not really able to see him, maybe once. Aiya tried to point the blame at the sleazy director, but because he had enough social standing and power to block any of my threats, she fled the Beast Courts and his power by moving to California.
August 25, 2015 - Joined S.S.U during summer solstice in 2015 because father’s company was expanding in the United States, and she was going to help grow the business in California, where she met Leah and Jo and joined Squad Goals Pack at S.S.U after joining cheerleading squad. She also founded a martial arts group on campus.

"I was performing my ritual of sipping tea, shooting flirtatious glances and planning murder" - Mingmei Yip, Peach Blossom Pavilion
"Women who go into the harem do not come out. It is a permanent position."
"I am not going in as a woman. I am going in as an assassin. So we have nothing to fear." - Kiresten White, And I Darken
"That little girl was dead and in her place stood a cold-blooded killer." - Untitled
"It is not for Geisha to want. It is not for a Geisha to feel. Geisha is an artist of the floating world. She dances, she sings, she entertains you... Whatever you want... the rest is shadows, the rest is secret." - Sayuri, Memoirs of A Geisha
"Smart, clever, and beautiful...this one's dangerous. I look forward to finding out just how dangerous." - Aleks "Shadows in Silver" Laskaris
"It is not for her to want or to need, but to simply be." - Ava "Shia-no-Tsukiyomi" Douglas
"Beauty is Power; a smile is its sword." Alexios "Falcon's Cry" Laskaris
"Squad Girls are forever and I know my girl has got my back!." Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
"She is a nimble and quick fighter, she took Great Leviathian heart." Shipsinker
"Tsuki-chan is unique, she embodies everything the Emerald Mother's children were made to be, and yet she is humble about not just this, but her skills." - Kaito
"Pride cometh before falling for someone you oughtn't, and then no one comes after." - 'Spector

“”Likes tacos. Knows more than she speaks. Is a Fera and seen around the Wayward Caern. Knows nothing.”” - That Asshole
"May have a bad boy Russian fox on a leash."
"May have a thing for bad boys...especially immortal ones."
"Is a descendant of royalty and only tolerates other shifters, then garou after that."

Akechi Kaito - Known her since she was born and close enough to be a big brother.

Aiya Kodachi

Domain: CA-051
Player: [Victoria Boyd Victoria Boyd]
Email: Victoria Boyd
VST: Rob Mueller
MES Number: US2015020098
Location: San Francisco