Al-Amir Abu-Tayi

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Al-Amir Abu-Tayi




Aliases: Prince of Stygia
Location: Macon, GA
Clan: Assamite (Warrior)
Sect: Unaligned
Lineage: N/A


Eyes of the ocean calm and serene that when invoked can show the great storm of the sea. Ebon skin of the night without the lady moon, flat in luminescence. Slender and lithe but taller than some standing six foot even. Dressed usually in a three piece suit for formal occasions, sporting a fedora, mistaken for Giovanni quite often, if not for the skin color. When hunting dressed for the hunt, sleak and fitted clothing akin to Assassins Creed like style.


Melee Weapon: Great Khopesh with a flat black finish and inlaid silver
Melee Weapon: Scorpion Scimitar Sword
Ranged Weapon: Arabic Long Bow


Pre-Supernatural Exposure

1508 - 1538, Ottoman Empire

  • 1508 ➢Kidnapped at age 8 and made a slave by the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1525 ➢Trained as an elite soldier as part of the naval force of Barbarossa Khayreddin
  • 1538 ➢The Battle of Preveza. naval fight as part of the Ottoman Empire.

Supernatural Exposure

1539 - 1600, Assamite training

  • 1539 ➢ Embraced (Potential Sire)
  • 1540 ➢ 1600 Trained as Assamite Warrior (Assamite Ties)
  • 1600 ➢ 1693 Different missions for the Clan (Character Ties)

Golden Age

1693 - 1916, The US and the Caribbean

  • 1693 ➢ 1700 Sailed to the new world and explored he coast lands and made way to the Caribbean
  • 1700 ➢ 1745 Lived as an assassin in the Caribbean for hire, for locals and pirates alike.
  • 1745 ➢ 1800 Lives in New Orleans, using the Mississippi as a causeway to travel and continue to kill.
  • 1693 ➢ 1800

The Modern Era

  • 1916 - 1918 ➢ Arab Revolt, Aligned with Faisal I bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashemi
  • 1933 ➢ Assassinate Faisal I bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashemi in Switzerland
  • 1939 - 1945 ➢ World War II hunting Nazis, and anyone aligned with them.
  • 1958 ➢ Egypt and Syria merge into United Arab Republic
  • 1979 ➢ Hired to kidnap and kill Adolph "Spike" Dubs
  • 1979 - 1989 ➢ Soviet–Afghan War, fighting with Afghanastan Soldiers
  • 1991 ➢ Desert Storm, Battle of Khafji, first experience with Modern Americans.
  • 1997 ➢ Ur-Shulgi awakens from Torpor. The Tremere Curse on clan Assamite is broken. Ur-Shulgi deploys his extremist doctrine.
  • 1999 ➢ The Week of Nightmares. The Red Star appears in the sky.
  • 2000 ➢ The Schism takes place; Al-Ashrad leads a large group of Assamites out of the clan, finding refuge in the Camarilla.

Recent Activity

2000- Present, Western Europe, North America

  • 2000 ➢

More To Come!





  • Ahmad ibn Fadlan (13th Warrior)
  • Alamut the Novel

Ties Sought

  • Sire
  • Giovanni in NYC
  • Clients of the Past
    • From Chicago, NYC, Savannah
    • Middle East and Western Europe

Other Characters

  • N/A at this time


Player Contact: James Y. US2006108788
ST Contact: George G.
Coordinator: Raven T.