Alain Martel

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Sanguis Pretium Amissis Ludum
Blood is the price of losing the game

Alain Martel

Commonly Known Information

Name: Alain Martel

Notable Traits: Patriarch of House Martel, Architect of the Tower

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Ventrue

Known Associations: Minerva Society


Alain Martel, Childe of Lysander, Childe of Artemis Orthia, Childe of Ventru

A former English Templar Knight embraced in the mid-1100's, Alain Martel is the youngest of Lysander's childer.


  • "What can I say of Elder Alain Martel that hasn't been said already? I am simply honored that one so established of the Clan of Kings would even take note of one so young as me." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "When one makes mistakes, you would hope it would be a learning experience. That remains to be seen." - Salomé St. John, Harpy of Grand Rapids
  • "No I didn't kill the Templar. Why you say? Because he didn't run his mouth off about me being a Pagan and he loves to fight and we had fun doing it together." Gunnar
  • "in Thorns, eius optime Alaine fecit. Nec suffecit. Nihil unquam satis est nobis prebyteri et hoc mundo conversus ab impietate sua, sed, semper tendo. Quare? Dolor est omnis accipit in hoc mundo. Sed tunc transit in iudicio Alaine prospicit. Oro pro nobis 'et facies ultima iudicium Alaine sed neque negare auxilium'" - Conon
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  • Seems keen on allowing his Grandchild to start an unneeded war with the Tremere.
  • A great many of Alain Martel's supposed lineage are actually assumed identities that he 'kills off' when they are no longer useful for achieving his goals
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OOC Information

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Storyteller: Siggy Sigurdsson

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