Alan James McGary

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Alan James McGary (typically goes by "James")

Notable Traits: Cool and calm demeanor. There are several scars by his right ear which is misshapen. Appears to be in his mid-30s.

Society: Sabbat (Ultra-Conservative)

Clan: Ventrue Crusader

Pack: Blades, Bullets, and Blood


A. James McGary is a young but ambitious vampire and a fervent supporter of the Ultra-Conservative cause. He has only been a vampire for a short time, but has taken to it with remarkable ease. A former military man, he strongly believes that the freedom the Sabbat promises is not free, and must be fought and sacrificed for. Mature for his age, he is a pious member of the Sabbat and a strong supporter of the Inquisition.

In the late Winter/early Spring of 2018 he encountered his brother who had mysteriously been embraced, and seemed to have encountered Infernalists. As a precaution, he torpored his brother and went to investigate. Unfortunately, others found his brother, tore the memmories out of his mind, and made assumptions. McGary was accused of harboring an Infernalist within the Diocese, Forsaken, and hunted.


  • Most of Blades, Bullets, and Blood were destroyed by the werewolves in Berkshire County.

OOC Information

Player: Joshua C Smith

Player Email:

Storyteller: CB

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Location: MA-005-D