Albrecht von Hohenzollern

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Albrecht der Schone Herzog Von Hohenzollern Bey't al-Karmai

Albrecht "the Beautiful" Field Marshal of Hohenzollern of the House of Dignity; a.k.a. Albert Zoller in public.

Albrecht is a serious-looking Aristocrat from the north parts of the Holy Roman Empire (a.k.a. Northern Germany).
His features are hard, regal, and intense, with piercing eyes of a nearly unnatural blue color.

As usual for Ventrue, he is seen in dark colored suits of Grey, black, and occasionally red.

Albrecht red suit.jpg
Sometimes he shaves, sometimes he doesn't.

Character info

(Known to characters with appropriate Academics spec such as medieval European history)
Albrecht was born in the venerable Hohenzollern dynasty in the Holy Roman Empire (a.k.a. Southern Germany), the fourth son of the local lord.

All four sons survived to adulthood meaning his inheritance would be very little. Instead, he studied military tactics and economics (the life of a Clergyman held little interest to him).
Eventually, he was able to settle down as a noble in Brandenburg, marries and has children, and there he dies around early 1360's in his early 50's.


(Known to those with Camarilla Lore or Ventrue Lore)

Albrecht was embraced in very late 1300's to Maryam al-Karami somewhere in Northern parts of the Holy Roman Empire (later known as Germany).

The whys or how's are irrelevant today. What is known however, is that he was at the Convention of Thorns.

What is also known is that Albrecht was a Ventrue elder of incredible Charisma and force of personality, operating around the Baltic Sea area of Northern Germany.

Known Statuses

  • As an Elder of the Camarilla
    • Confirmed
    • Established
    • Privileged
  • Due to his presence at the Convention of Thorns
    • Architect
  • Others:
    • Triumphant for the death of a Setite rogue in Jonesboro
    • Loyal, per the Prince of Austin, TX
    • Honorable per the word of Mendo, Prince of Dallas
    • Acclaimed per the word of Arthur Pembroke, Primogen of Little Rock, AR

OOC Info

Albrecht der schone Herzog von Hohenzollern Bey't al-Karami

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Elder & Architect of the Tower
Domain: Little Rock, AR
Player: Scott Boyd - US2018010052
Facebook: Click here
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