Alcides Kardos

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Known Information — DECEASED

Name: Alcides “Al” Kardos

Clan: Brujah antitribu

Sect: Sabbat

Path: Humanity

Embraced: 2017

Faction: Moderate

Pack: The Vine of Wisdom

First Impressions

Alcides is a big man, just over six-foot with limbs as thick as trees. He usually wears t-shirts and jeans with grease stains and a worn leather jacket. He is usually friendly and quick to anger like most of his clan. His passion lays in cars and movies and is quick to talk about either.

Known History

Alcides immigrated to the United States from Bulgaria shortly after the fall of the Eastern Bloc. And though America was supposed to be the land of opportunity, adapting the the foreign country was difficult. His short temper only made a difficult situation harder. He was good with his hands and vehicles and ended up working a chop shop in the middle of the desert. That is where the Truthseekers found him.

Alcides roamed around the Southwestern deserts with his pack until they were all killed except for him. As a recently Anointed member of the Sabbat, he was set adrift. He had only recently relocated his brothers and sisters and joined a new pack, The Vine of Wisdom.

He fell in battle capturing Joseph Pander and destroying the Unblinded Brotherhood who killed Temoch the Jackal. He went down defending other Sabbat members weaker in body, though their fervor was no less than his own.

Alcides loved cars and movies. He's just as happy getting his hands greasy in a car's engine as getting his hands bloody beating down the enemies of the Sword.



  • Sabbat don’t go wandering about on their own. Not for over a year. There is something more going on here.
  • This man treats cars like art. You sure he isn’t Toreador?

Favorite Movies

  • Mad Max - Awesome cars. A fight for survival. A movie classic.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road - A great movie of its own time. The practical effects are amazing, especially in an age when CGI rules the silverscreen.
  • Aliens - Not that there is anything wrong with Alien, but there is nothing wrong with big guns and a will to survive.
  • Predator - We’re all rooting for the Predator, right? Right?

Alcides Kardos
Clan: Brujah antitribu
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: San Diego
Player: John Oliver
VST: Kya Harris