Alec Stephens

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Commonly Known Information


Notable Traits: scent of ozone permeates the space around him

Clan: Malkavian

Lieage: Axis Illusio


Alec took to computers and technology early in his mortal life, and that proclivity only deepened after this embrace. Alec had a fairly successful career debunking alleged supernatural occurrences while a mortal in the late 1980's to 1990's. He continued along this path after his embrace in 1993. As the Internet and the Web took off. He launched a modestly popular youtube channel - Supernatural Explained. He has a series of videos on how technology has replaced smoke and mirrors as the vehicle for con artists in the supernatural. In modern nights, he doesn't personally appear in many of the channel videos but uses a number of allied paranormal investigators who he indirectly guides to the appropriate evidence of the cons.

He currently provides a suite of available technical services to interested kindred. Those services include computer security checks/setup and post-incident forensic investigation. He can also apply his skills to effectively cover breaches of the masquerade in both the virtual and physical realm.

In mid-2018, he decided to leave the Atlanta area and to relocate to the Rome, Georgia area. He was formally committed to the Anarch Movement in October 2018.


  • He is teaching Nitya Nataraja how to be a camgirl
  • You know those bits in The Matrix when all of reality looks like computer code? That's kind of how 'magical' and 'supernatural' things, like Disciplines, look to him
  • Okay, so the supernatural stuff his Youtube show “debunks” is largely Kindred and similar activity, right? Well, he CAUSES some of it himself, or pays others to do so, just so he can get more views for “disproving” it! And since he's covering it all up successfully, he can't get in trouble for screwing the Masquerade!
  • He can wipe a drone's memory without being near it
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  • “I haven't personally witnessed his technological skill, but I have so much faith in it I already think of him immediately when something like that gives me trouble. Besides that, he's such a darling, so eager to help. Certainly, his beliefs are considered more than odd by his fellow Kindred, but who understands that better than a Setite?” - Nitya Nataraja

OOC Information

Character is missing and presumed dead. Please contact the VST below if you have questions or are investigating.

Player: David K.

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Storyteller: Sam G.

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Location: Rome, GA