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Character Information

Name: Alek Hawthorne

Union: Entertainer


Kith: Hell Diver

Court: Eclipse

Notable Traits: Gold slit eyes Silvery white hair

Personality: Alek is very outgoing and witty. He cares that his clients are enjoying themselves and always willing to listen or help a patron in need if within his ability.

Title or Position: Lord of the Bar

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  • He was banished to the Verge for hosting a tea ceremony to a werewolf delegation.
  • The sorting hat wouldn't sort him into a house, so he took his own.
  • Sweats glitter.
  • Alek is from a long line of bartenders who have been able to amass a great deal of power simply by listening to those they tend bar for.
  • Alek knows more secrets than your grandmother, yes yours.
  • Already has your families secret recipes, and turned them into drinks.
  • Associated with Xanathos Hawthorne.
  • Frost is the Familiar, and Alek is a mage. I just know it!
  • Might really be a beast known as a Glitterfox.
  • Training to be a priest.
  • Secretly, he is looking to take over. He's making power plays with the wolves, the mages, the vampires...soon he will eject the SPR forces and rule wayfinder with an Iron Fist looking for all the dragon food.
  • May have been a mage about to awaken then the Thurisaz changed his fate.


  • Core world Elite family: Deva Dynasty of House Hawthorne.
  • He was kidnapped during a delivery of supplies to a Mercenary unit fighting on the front lines.
  • He tries to regain his old life only to find the Core is kill on sight with supernaturals.
  • He takes up a contract with the Solista guild working as an escort/bodyguard until he chose to retire.
  • He strikes out on his own for a time looking for mentors to join a court. He ends up taking a job at a bar known as the Stellar Draft where he meets his mentor Jaq Graves who teaches him the bar tending trade as well as his introduction into the Court of Eclipse.
  • He travels for a bit more looking for a place to set up his own business and ends up on Wayfinder Station. A chance meeting with vid star Prin lands him an offer to help her run the Nebula Club when she's away on her celebrity tours.
  • Served in the Military for 10 years as a tactician.
  • Presently using his past military training to enhance the conditions on Wayfinder Station.
  • Arranged an alliance for material trade with NTI for Station.
  • Received a new ship from NTI as a gift for his promotion into the Entertainer Union.

Skills for Hire

  • Who doesn't he know?
  • Resources loan agent.
  • May have coined the word "Planception"
  • Investigation: Scouting and security countermeasures.
  • Ability to upgrade equipment for mission teams.
  • Versatile.


Previewfile 1302376895.gif
  • Collects crystal specimens from around the universe along with raw samples he carves for display or gifts.
  • Enjoys gambling to the point where he will give other people his money on a whim to bet for him just to see where the odds fall.
  • Patron of the high arts via his position within his House. Theater and Opera specific.
  • Patron of exotic performances at the Nebula club ranging from singers to performance arts.
  • Tends to take in Lost or others who need some support starting out then turns the fledgling free to to make their own way.
  • Has a soft spot for animals.
  • Enjoys travel.
  • Noted interest in understanding how other magic in the universe works. Sometimes with great results and other times great regrets.
  • Collected samples of flora and fauna DNA for 10 years from planets he visited throughout the galaxy. He know uses those samples to create unique creatures pending commission requests.

Ties Looking For

  • Other performers who have worked at his club or looking for work.
  • Anyone who needed a quick loan or an inside information informant.
  • Lovers/friends/mentors
  • Military cross over before 4032.
  • Anyone from the Core.
  • Surprise me.


  • "The boss has always been kind to me. He's got me as long as he wants me, which he says is as long as I want to stick around. Guess we're seeing who out-lives the other then." - Ehroth
  • "The real miracle of Alek's business is how he stays afloat. I don't think I've seen anyone pay for a single drink." - Evander Katharos
  • "Alek is Iskra's favorite in family. Help Iskra much much , always patient, always explain, always kind, not judge Iskra. Much much generous and kind. Iskra do anything for Uncle Alek, love very much." - Iskra
  • "He is excellent entertainer, always quick with drink in hand for patron, greatly appreciated, and he knows the value of silence." - Hafal Ur
  • "He's bitingly sarcastic at times and always remembers my drink." - Quasar
  • "Alek's greatest asset is that he's been through hell and back, and yet changed only for the better. I should know: I took him there." - Captain Xanatos Hawthorne
  • "Who can't like a guy who keeps a dragon around?" - Axion
  • "Alek is one of the few that has earned my respect. Plus he is a great listener, everyone can appreciate that." - Magnus Duskthorne
  • "So perfect. So beautiful. Anyone touches a hair on his head and I will see them weeping away their will to live." - Prin Dawnbright
  • "He might be part of a cult and worshiping a disturbing monster that might or might not be controlling people and warping reality.." - KayEffSeven
  • "If everything goes to complete and utter shit, I know Alek has my back and I have a soft place to land. Hopefully he knows he has that in me, too, but I suspect he has far more compelling offers if he needs them." - Spandex McQueen
  • "One of my favorite proteges... actually, come to think of it, my only protege. The man's got a gift. I wouldn't kick him out of bed, if you catch my drift. " - Jaq Graves
  • "We are like ships of similar classification in different navies: we pass in the night, recognize one another, understand our respective purpose, but the question remains will we ever truly know one another and will that be in peace or at war?" - Fabien_Phist
  • "I think he's better than any of the brothers who turned their back on me. I don't think Alek ever will." -Loril
  • "Alek is the other half to my soul, the one who keeps my heart from turning cold. There is nothing I would not do for him." -Calli
  • "When you are with an Eclipse you must embrace fear as well. You must at any moment be ready to face that which you dread most. To be with an Eclipse you must not let that push you away. These things are easy with Alek because I know no matter what fear comes my way he will do everything in his power to keep me from harm." -Calli

Clients/Patrons/Companions Oh My

  • Prin :The Empresses of Entertainment. Co-owner
  • Ehroth: Dragon Bouncer recently employed.
  • Rain McAnbis: Long-time dancer at the club, often seen with bladed weapons.
  • Calli: Future Mrs. Hawthorne

Present and Past Associations

  • Presently holds connections to the Solista as a Patron either by providing their members a place to work or scouting out new talent.
  • Funds several projects on Wayfinder.
  • Supports the various Unions.
  • Retired from Escort/bodyguard work after landing a job at Nebula.
  • May have been a street magician in his early days to make credits after his escape.
  • Acquired Jasmine his human assistant as stolen cargo from the Thurisaz. Rumor has it she was part of the Scavenger lineage.

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Alek stood at the front of the view screen, his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes were narrowed and inquisitive as he scanned the information displayed on the blue, holographic screen above him.

New intel had been recently recorded and sent in by the Lightning Crew, but the information, for the most part, seemed to be all over the place and not at all able to be connected. Since Alek was more in tune with the Thurisaz, the mages had left the information to him, figuring that if he thought hard enough about it, something familiar would come to him.

However… Alek had nothing.

In every sense of the word, this information was random, and in no way connected. Deep down, Alek felt like this information existed purely to mess with him and slow any future missions down, but the stubborn part of him refused to let this go. Surely there was something here of importance. There had to be.

By the time Alek had come to the conclusion that there was, in fact, nothing there, his eye had begun to twitch, and he curled his fists in frustration. Nothing angered him more than wasted time, especially when all of it could have been used towards something more helpful.

“You’re still here?”

Glancing behind his shoulder, Alek was surprised to see Calli standing there, concern evident on her face as she slowly shuffled closer to him and the screen.

“Have you taken any breaks since you began analyzing everything?” She looked up at him, that concern never leaving her face. Alek almost felt guilty for spending so much time here. “Or, at the very least, have you managed to find anything?”

Sighing, Alek shook his head as he turned back to the screen.

“I’m nearly certain when I say there’s nothing to be found,” He admitted, running his gaze over the information once more. “The information is arbitrary and I don’t think it’s meant to be found out. I believe it’s to throw us off, yet… I’m worried there really is something there.” He gave a thoughtful hum before mumbling under his breath, “Surely there’s something…”

“No, no, no,” Calli intercepted as she grabbed Alek's hand. “You’ve been here all day with little to no rest, I presume. You can continue this tomorrow. Rest for the remainder of tonight.”

Alek snapped his gaze over to Calli and he had opened his mouth to reject her command. However, instead of telling her no, his gaze had softened, and he gave a defeated sigh before smiling just slightly.

“Yes, Calli.”


Nebula Club


Omnia---photo-by-Drew-Ressler.jpg Tmg-article default mobile.jpg

  • Owner of Club Nebula known as the Station's exotic drink bar with weekend theme performance events.
  • Located on the Opportunity section of the Station.

Nebula Club and Drink Menu Extension Link

Nebula's Drink Menu

02 r8yi1poG.gif

Tantra Club

  • Secondary business partner to Victor Vidal
  • Discreet High class Strip/Burlesque club.
  • The right price can make dreams come true.
  • Known for exotic performances that rival the clubs on Oasis.

Tantra club

Lunar Nebula L.L.C

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  • New business under Nebula Enterprises.
  • Information network that specializes in the citizens of the sectors looking to make a name for themselves or get their business known.
  • Infinity works for the company as head news journalist.

The Governess

B5-WhiteStar-2.jpg Lin-shrug.gif

  • Alek's ship gifted by NTI's CEO David Nebzim.
  • Elite AI who considers herself one of NTI's greatest creations.
  • Rumor has it she is an old Elite Finishing school teacher whose body is preserved while her soul lives on as the AI
  • Manners, Etiquette, Poise, and don't even think of doing anything undignified while you are on board!

Custom Creature Creations

4589aa389c91a6235c251b4136ca1b2b.jpg Ab6b506358a1145d29e00847dc4fd318.jpg D8084458b3565a675f244e432e9d8d7f.jpg

  • Need a cute companion?
  • Something that eats the waste in your living quarters?
  • I may just have the perfect solution for you!
  • I take custom orders for Fauna creation pending on availability of supplies and difficulty of the order to match customer specifications. Presently working upon Gamin, Axol, and a variation of a larger Floof.

Frost/Spoons aka the children




Player: Mindy kolp
VST: Jake W.